Dog Poo Contest

        We single-family homeowners just hate the rare doggie owner that lets their pooch do their business on our swales and moves on without picking it up !!!

         So here is the contest

                 …. send me a picture of the best sign you’ve seen  –  here’s mine !


                                          …. send your entry directly to me at


Michael the Farmer

      Did you know that there is a vegetable farm at NE 3rd Avenue and NE 6th Street (yes Charlie, that is also Sistrunk Boulevard) ?


       It’s called Flagler Village Farm, and it is possible due to the City’s new Urban Farming ordinance, but the credit, and the success of this effort falls squarely on this man –


                         Architect, civic planner, and now farmer – Michael Madfis.

      Madfis got involved in this new latest craze when the bottom dropped out of the development industry during the last crash. And he is quite good at it!

                                             worker Miguel cleans some greens

                                                            super food !

Madfis says the trick is in the soil mix, but don’t expect him to give you the recipe! He says he has little problems with insects so far, though he did catch some green worms on his Bok Choy.

         Go see Michael and buy some veggies……  tell him Tim sent you !

The Aftermath

       The Howard Johnson’s restaurant had been on the Fort Lauderdale Beach for decades, but had closed some years back and began to deteriorate.

     Beach residents were apoplectic. They demanded it be torn down, and yesterday, it finally was.

                                       Here is the aftermath


         If you missed the implosion (and my post yesterday), or if you just can’t get enough, click on the link below !

Watch HoJo’s Go Boom Boom!

HoJo’s Goes BOOM BOOM !

     Finally  …. Hojo’s goes boom boom at the beach !!!

           (If a picture with YouTube arrow doesn’t appear below, click on this link instead – – and turn up your speakers!)

                                ……. it’s worth it !




Florida House Race Gay Important

      ………. The race is on for the Florida House of Representatives District 94.

      The seat is currently held by Perry Thurston, but he is term limited, and running for Attorney General.


        I live in that District, and have made some noise about possibly running for the seat, but for now, I’m just blogging about it!

       It is an interesting race. The District runs from Lauderdale Lakes down through Fort Lauderdale, up into Wilton Manors, and finishes in Oakland Park. Currently, these two men are running.

                                         Bobby Dubose and Levoyd Williams

        Dubose is a Commissioner in Fort Lauderdale, Levoyd a Commissioner in Lauderdale Lakes.

        The District is almost 60% black, and nearly 90% democrat ! So, the winner will be decided in the primary in August, as no republican has a chance of winning in the November General election.

       But here’s the rub – whichever candidate can capture the white (and considerably gay) Wilton Manors and Oakland Park vote, could win.

        They had a debate at last week’s gay Dolphin Democrat meeting, and here are the highlights –


         Dubose says he is in favor of gay marriage, as does Williams. That is significant, as the black community has long opposed it.


           And Williams is in favor of medical marijuana, as is Dubose!

          Both men also state that they will be there to fight for the gay issues, but Dubose admitted to a somewhat strained relationship with his colleague, famous gay politician Dean Trantalis.


           Williams tried to separate himself from Dubose by saying that the difference between he and Dubose was that he “was a fighter”, grew up in North Florida, and “knew how to talk to them”. He told the group he grew up in the civil rights era and “felt their pain”.

           Dubose said the Pledge of Allegiance called for justice for all, and said he was committed to that. He pointed to support for “family recognition”, and “hospital visits”, and said he would be “championing those issues”.

          The men differed somewhat on juvenile crime. Dubose favors a “holistic” approach, concentrating on the “front end”., but Williams, pointing to the current problem with juvenile burglaries, said “there has to be a limit”, and that you can’t “placate and pamper them”.

               I’ll keep you informed …. Tim

Seiler’s Thorn(s)

     Mayor Jack Seiler’s  most virulent critic, Charlie King, sent an e-mail out to dozens of bigwigs today to say he and some “rebels” were forming a group to oppose Seiler.  


     King (second from left) sent out this photo of his “rebels” (Earl Rynerson on left, Ray Dettman on right, and Vicki Eckels  with caption added  …. see below –

     Ready to Roll:

  Rebels of the regime are gathering to put their petty differences aside to take on the 3 man un-Holy Alliance of Seiler, Roberts and Rogers and their nonresident police and fire union henchmen.  Don’t be surprised if you hear more from these coalescing Concerned Citizens Against Jack Seiler.  Special thanks to Cal Deal for making us look so good despite the backlighting.

       The e-mail drew a strong response from the picture taker King references – Cal Deal.


      There you go again, Charlie.

      When I want to make my opinions known, I’ll do so myself and, as always, I will sign my name to them. You should know better than to imply that I do or do not hold certain positions, that I do or do not like certain members of the City Commission, and that I do or do not like the state of our Police Department.

      Further, I want to make it abundantly clear that there is no “coalescing Concerned Citizens Against Jack Seiler” or anything like it. There is no budding conspiracy, and those who ate and talked yesterday evening were people of differing views who were there to eat and talk. Period. 

      This is precisely why I have a filter on my email program that sends everything from you  directly to my TRASH — unread. You don’t know when to shut up. 


                         Dettman, on the other hand, said this about the group – 

      Intentions good government , No recall, and I  Already told Charlie I would Vote for Him if He ran for Mayor.

                        And Eckels:

     While we are a group of concerned citizen activists, we have long convened to socialize over food and drink, converse about the local political and civic scene with a lovely diversity of opinion; we do not always agree but we certainly let opinions flow freely. We arrive as friends and leave as friends. Charles claims he was trying to be humorous, he does have a sense of humor though it wasn’t particualrly evident in his morning posting about forming an alliance to rebel against incumbents. No matter, I still like him.

Homicide Update

                                        CITY OF FORT LAUDERDALE
                                           POLICE DEPARTMENT

                                                PRESS RELEASE

February 5, 2014



     The Fort Lauderdale Police Department is investigating a homicide that occurred on Wednesday, February 5th shortly before 8:00 A.M. The incident took place in the 1200 block of Northeast 4th Avenue in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

     The Fort Lauderdale Police Department received a report of shots fired at this location.
When the officers arrived, they discovered a male victim lying in the roadway.
The victim has been identified as Pierre Akeem Gustave, B/M, 04/11/90, a resident of the City of Margate.

     Gustave was recently released from Florida State Prison on August 13, 2013 and known to frequent the area.
This is an active and on-going investigation. Investigators are encouraging anyone who may have witnessed this shooting or who may have information about the incident to contact Detectives Mark Shotwell at 954-828-5517 or Jim Jaggers at 954-828-5970.