Main Library a Stinky Mess !



The City has done a great job cleaning up the people’s property that they control near the Main Library, but the County has not done squat on their property – the Library!

I jogged through the area this morning and was really shocked at the deplorable condition of the Main Library grounds…. I can’t imagine that people  use that facility, with the way it is kept…



There was tons of trash and junk scattered about, and the whole area smelt like urine  …. This is in the center of our downtown and should be fixed, now! …. come on County !



What was once a lovely pool with fountain, is now just an empty pool, with assorted garbage and pigeons feeding on watermelon rinds and old sandwiches! OMG !



There was a missionary preaching to the homeless encampment, (that appears to be corralled in this lot),  but the crowd was all standing amidst  un-Christian like garbage!


….. OK, go check it out for yourself if you dare, and then send this to your County Commissioner, or to the City Commissioner that is supposed to handle this area – Commissioner Trantalis …


Another Candidate !

It’s election season in Fort Lauderdale, as the election for the Mayor and  Commissioners happens early next year ….

…….. I’ll soon give you a thorough accounting of all the candidates so far, where they stand, what their chances are etc., but for now,  here’s a new tidbit…

Another District four Commissioner entry is about to happen. And amazingly, this one will be the third candidate  who also lives in the neighborhood of Rio Vista as the other two do !



He is Dr. Warren Sturman, a cardiologist, who was designated on the “top Doctors of South Florida” list  in 2012…..

Sturman has been the President of Rio Vista for many years, and I expect him to be a contender…..

……………..  more soon ! …Tim


Commissioner Trantalis asks for big payraise !


Commissioner Trantalis pictured above

Commissioner Dean Trantalis, on Tuesday,  asked his colleagues on the Fort Lauderdale City Commission to vote in a pay raise for the Mayor and the Commissioners, to take effect next March, at the next election ( Trantalis is expected to run for reelection )…. The pay hike request was enormous, fifty percent pay raise for the Mayor spot, and 40 percent for Commissioners… This would make their salary far greater then all the salaries of all the Commissioners in Broward County ..

In the  election next  March, and only Trantalis and Commissioner Mckinzie can run for office then, as the rest of the Commissioners are term limited in their seats  …

Trantalis clearly wants more money. He is a very successful attorney in Wilton Manors, but wants the taxpayers to dig in deeper for him if he decides to stay in elected office… Trantalis complained at the Commission hearing that he has to go to night meetings, talk to developers, spend a lot of hours as Commissioner.


Mayor Seiler disagreed with Trantalis on the pay raise… Seiler said he couldn’t support the pay raise…. Commissioner Rogers and Commissioner Roberts also voted no…. Dean was upset  …

Word on the street says Trantalis was considering a run for Mayor, but now, after he couldn’t get the big pay raise, maybe not !!!







Roundabout Beauty !

Have you seen it?

…..Perhaps the world’s most attractive roundabout, and I’m not kidding   …… It is on NE 13th Street, a road with a troubled past, but one that  looks like the troubled past is on it’s way out just as this lovely roundabout is coming in   …


Ready ?? …………



Wow  …..   that is really something….It’s the giant Unity Beacon, a $100,000, 14 foot tall art piece that’s tucked safely into the middle of the roundabout…..

It was crafted by artists, Todd and Gils, and the individual panels were sketched by different members in the community over the last few months   …… Here is one panel as it was being done…




That’s Tim Smith, the younger, preparing his piece last month   ….


……. So come over to 13th, check out the Unity Beacon, shop at the cool thrift store Oddballs, have a coffee at Warsaw, check out some of the art in the area  …… I’ll keep an eye out for you!