Letter to the Editor – Biden’s V.P. Pick !

Dear Joe ….

Please pick Oprah Winfrey as your Vice Presidential pick ? I think it will be the ultimate dream ticket . Let me make the case –


Oprah Winfrey would be the most unique, talented, respected, helpful, uplifting , gregarious and well known pick possible. Everybody knows O, and as far as I can tell, everyone likes Oprah. After all, who could Biden pick, other than Oprah, who gives away cars to total strangers?

Did I mention that Oprah is a woman, Joe ?

Oprah is 65. She was born to a single poor mother in Mississippi (southern vote?) , and made herself the first black billionaire in the country! As a matter of fact, she’s listed as the richest African American of the 20th century – OMG!

She owns houses and properties in about 6 states, a media conglomerate that she invented, and has been voted the most influential woman in the world!

You may counter that she has no political experience. Well, we know she knows her way around the White House (see above ) , and maybe it’s high time that we rename that cherished national icon as the black/white house anyhow. And as far as her political experience, I can tell you that her amazing skills as an actress is about all you need to advance in politics.

Biden has giant experience on the world political stage, Oprah not so much, but neither did former Presidents George Bush, Clinton, and Carter …and Trump (I’m looking ahead 🙂 .

Oh yea, did I mention that she is black?

Joe, please pick Oprah for you Vice Presidential pick. I’ve purchased the domain name “Joe and O in 2 0 2 0, and I’ll donate it to the cause!

Sincerely, and hopeful,

Tim Smith …954-822-4727