Tent City …. Fort Lauderdale (on a dollar, or less a day)

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale  !

This is the City’s signature downtown Main Library, where you can camp outside in a tent for nothing….. But beware,  there is little upkeep, smells of urine, and has some sketchy characters at camp ! Also, for more information on the best trailers and vehicles, people can check them out from here!

….tenting options abound, here is one that gives you that “I’m camping on the edge of a cliff” feeling….

…. free clothing, and meals  suddenly appear free of charge – daily

a transportation Pod is conveniently located in the front !

…  I went in looking to talk with someone, trying to make sense of the fiasco, but no one seemed too eager to talk …except for….

True ( that’s his name) ……    he lives here with his girlfriend, he’s from prison, drug charges,  she’s from New Jersey …..  he says the conditions suck, but that after Sorenson has taken an interest, things are a bit better ….and he says that he might make a movie of the whole stinking mess ….. she says she can’t believe there aren’t more services for folks like them …..

He says anytime someone wants to talk about Fort Lauderdale Tent City, just come round and ask for the Truth ! (that’s what he said !)



Rocky Mountain High !!

I think I found the WEST ! ….. and I’m diggin it !

….. that is actually Pikes Peak behind me ….. In Colorado springs, an hour from Denver ….. a magical place !

…. look closely at this picture …. that’s actually two little tiny people on top that mountain ! …. Cray Cray !

….. I couldn’t get enough of this State… here’s another pic I just have to share …

I think this rock is about to fall over ….anyhow, they call this wild land Rocky Mountain high ….

Now I get it ……

I should’ve bought the t-shirt too 🙂

……. and if you go there ever, you MUST see the Red Rock amphitheater –

just the coolest place- th Beatles played there in 1964 !!!

En stor fordel ved Viagra er kroppens evne til at foretage ændringer i sig selv. Uden bedsteapotek ville kroppen ikke være i stand til at ændre noget, der har påvirket dets helbred i lang tid.

………… until next time – Tim


My Great American Road Trip has passed the 2000 mile mark, and the further west I go, the more fun I’m having ( probably the thin air 🙂

My last post had me at the gateway to the west, and the first stop had to be Kansas City…. You see, my famous rock and roll band -Sunday’s at Five- plays the song Kansas City and in the second verse it talks about “standing at the corner of 12th Street an Vine ….

Turns out, there IS  NO 12th Street and Vine ! ….damn songwriters !  …. but there is a 18th Street and Vine, so I got out the trusty Martin, stood in front of  “The Museum At 12th Street and Vine” and song a few bars to no one in particular…

Then came the long boring slog across Kansas…..  But imagine my joy when I finally came across the “El Paso County County Fair !

Cows,pigs,sheep, dinosaurs …Oh My

*the dinosaur was just at the gas station 🙂

……more fun later ….. Tim


Tim’s GreatAmericanRoadTrip !

… America is so BIG ! … I’m into this road trip about 1000 miles so far, and I’m having a blast (and  am exhausted 🙂    …. I left St Louis, Missouri a few days ago, ( headed west young man) – and I need to give  those of you that have joined me – virtually, an update …

Before  I forget,  before St. Louis I stopped in Paducah Kentucky on the way to St Louis  …… Sad place ….but in the 1950’s, it produced Uranium or some such thing. and they are still proud of it !…. (see pic above)

…….   but St. Louis, Missouri…. big great City …..   but … yes, also a mess ….

Downtown is nice, but this is what you see just outside ..

Here I am stopping to look at a leasing option ….  I hear you can buy some of these for one dollar…. I passed …

I decided not to camp in St. Louis and got a room at a nice Days Inn about a mile outside downtown….. the desk clerk suggested I take my scooter ( that’s what I take to get around the cities) in the room….. seriously

…. But to give the City their due credit, their downtown is quite nice –

Of course the Gateway Arch is spectacular, and as big as the Washington monument !  … this is where Lewis and Clark started their trek to find a way west to the Pacific Ocean –

immortalized on the river !

…. and the City takes their art seriously   …..  it is everywhere –

a man without a head –

a head…..

…even Pinnochio on rollers!

…..  but the most interesting thing about St. Louis –

… they stole the Pier 66 !

….  OK, I’ll be in Denver in a few hours….I’ll check back in then …. Tim


Tim’s tour ( can you join me?)

So I’m wandering across America on an exciting road trip …. that’s what Tim is up to now-a-days !

This is our yellow RV   ….  I think I’m calling it the Banana …..it may be a bit bright, but it is all outfitted with everything you need … bed , bath, kitchen, TV, A/C etc….. and it gets 20 m.p.g…… !

The road trip started from our cabin in Ga…..

This is our backyard there  …..YEOWWW !

Anyhow,  after leaving Ga., I cruised into

I set up camp just outside Birmingham, and found a typical southern joint and met some friends ….You can also read about Camp Blue camping as it is providing lots of fun,engaging and dynamic program for all personalities.

…let’s just say they were a hoot 🙂

……. the next morning, it was off to Nashville …..  and what a town … first, I went to see the American Pickers store (it  looked a lot like my son’s store Oddballs Nifty Thrift on NE 13th Street )

I bought a couple of gifts, and then I went down into town to Broadway, where the honky- tonks are absolutely everywhere…. food drink music …. rinse lather repeat !..

I wandered into one club and the music was calling…. I found myself up on the stage singing “Pretty Woman” ! …… the crowd yelled ” do you know how to sing far far away? “….. I didn’t know that one so I stopped with one  ….

So, I was already having more fun that is probably legal … before I saw the mirage ….. a whisky tour  …… with samples !!

They certainly had plenty barrels , but of course I was only there for the educational aspect – the process of fermenting, aging , the casks that are charred etc…..  and I swear I only tasted the different products as instructed !

I did buy a nice bottle for later 🙂


….. I’ll report back in later  – next stop, the St. Louis arch !