Our Poorest Kids and Christmas UPDATE ….

Our community is doing well with our effort to make a whole bunch of our disadvantaged kids happy at Christmas   …  but we are not there yet ! …..

1.) You have been bringing toys (unwrapped,new toys for boy or girl 5 to 11) to Oddballs Nifty Thrift at 530 NE 13th Street at a good clip. but we have only about 3 weeks left to collect another 157 toys !

2.) You have raised ALL THE MONEY ( you raised $4550.00 ) to send 15 kids, identified by Thurgood Marshall Elementary as “trying the hardest this year”, to a totally free and fun trip to   ………….  DISNEY WORLD !!!!  YIPPEE !!!!

3 ) So, I’m listing those of you below that have already contributed to our wonderful community effort so far, but if you don’t see your name on the list, PLEASE bring one of those 157 still needed toys to Oddballs before December 15th !!!!

…. the already-gave list includes …. Kim, Michael, Cooper, Troy, Scott, Will, Ed, Dave, Tim, Glen, Ray, Tore, Marilyn, Wallace, Patrick, Stacy, Cindy, David, Oddballs, Davis, Marie, Tim, Chris, CCA, Freddy, Marisa, Joyce, SMRCA, Katherine, T-Don, Abby, Vicki, Joe, Frank,  and the Deck    ……

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