Like Craft Beer ?…. Classic Cars ?… Fun ?

Of course you do !

So you will want to be at the 13th Street Craft Beer and Wine Festival with Car Show ..

It will take place on March 2nd from 4 until 8 pm (on 13th Street of course 🙂 … read more


Press Release: for Immediate Release

The 13th Street Craft Beer and Wine Festival with Classic Car Show will take place on March 2nd, from 4 pm until 8 pm ….. The location is the fabulously trending NE 13th Street in Fort Lauderdale, centered around the iconic Unity Beacon at the intersection of NE 13th Street and Dixie Highway…. The street will be closed to traffic for the event….

the fun includes:

Nine local Craft Beer Breweries will be pouring their tasty brews….  to take part in all the tastings at the breweries, you will want to buy a ticket, which will get you a wristband, taster cup, (for lots of tasting fun), and a chip that allows you to vote for your most favorite beer !….  Avoid the lines at the festival by purchasing your tickets NOW at  ….

Classic Cars of all stripes and types will adorn the event for your salivating pleasure. This is also a contest, as you will receive another chip to vote for your favorite classic ( you will not win the car 🙂

Yum Yum Yum Yum !  …..    10 food and desert trucks will fill all your culinary needs for the day ….. enough said !

Live bands, dance, funkadelic  disc jockey, will headline the full evening of fun  …..

So, go NOW to and get you a ticket   ……… for more information, or to become a vendor at the event, go to …. or call Tim Smith at 954-822-4727  …

Marge Anderson Is Gone


…..She was a teacher, an explorer, an author, a civic activist, a nature lover, a volunteer like no other ! …..  She was my friend, my confident, my top supporter, my drinking buddy! ……  And now she is gone   ….. hard to describe how much I will miss her ….. constantly wondering  …..  why do the good ever die young?

…….  Marge’s last writing is below   ……. her son sent it to me after she died…… I’m guessing that’s the way she planned it   …. and knowing her so well, I think she knew I would share it with you  …. Tim

the Glassman Gang !

This is one of those ugly politics stories  …..  Do not eat within two hours of reading !



…………………  the Story ……….

…. well damn it……  I was almost recognized as this year’s Distinguished Citizen !  …. almost ..

….. You see, the City has a Board made up of former Mayors, Commissioners etc. called the Citizen Recognition Committee, and for the last 40 some years, the committee has met and picked four citizens to be recognized for special notice for their work to make Fort Lauderdale a better place !

…..This year, last October, the committee met as usual and I was picked to be honored as the Distinguished Citizen for 2018 (boy was I proud !)

… But hold on, Commissioner Steve Glassman said…..

….. He mumbled some confusing gobbledygook about holdovers on the committee, “process”, minutes  etc…. then, after changing out some members of the committee who had voted for me, he talked his colleagues into  sending it back to the committee for another look….. another vote … one without my name 🙂

But, to Steve’s dismay, my name came back as the nominee for second time ! ….. Glassman would not be stopped…  (This is where it gets really stupid …)

Glassman had to pull out the big guns, no way could he let Smith get this award! …….so he brought out …..


……. Glassman cobbled together a rather sketchy group of people to come to the public hearing and speak against my nomination for the recognition …..

Here’s who he found to do his dirty work!

The Glassman Gang-

Ted Spiliotis – ex-con ….. convicted of sale, delivery, manufacture, possession with intent to sell heroin  …. long list of other charges, ……Yikes !


Robert Walsh- another ex-con ….. Grand Theft Felony, False alarms of fire, disorderly intoxication, fugitive from justice… etc. etc. etc.


Laura Crocenco – was voted to be removed as President of her neighborhood 29-20…..  Also, banned from the neighborhood social media site NextDoor, allegedly for shaming others…… known to scare otherwise tough persons !


Michaela Conca- reportedly removed from the august group, Fort Lauderdale Woman’s Club ….. who gets removed from a woman’s club ??

and …..


Charlie King- Fort Lauderdale’s most foul ….. he likes to publicly call people demeaning names, calls me Tiny Timmy ….. I think from now on, I will call him Chubby Charlie …. Some members of his own family disown him ….. He once proposed renaming Federal Highway “Confederate Highway” …seriously !

…..So after that charade, the issue went back to the committee for a third time ( you can’t make this stuff up) ….. and this time, Tim Smith would not make it back …

………………………. damn, I was (almost) the 2018 Distinguished Citizen   








Homeless At Church !

My friend, a Pastor at the church called …… She had a BIG problem with a homeless encampment at the church, and couldn’t seem to get it fixed…..Would I help ?  …. Sure !

Apparently, though the County and City solved the entrenched problem at the Library, many of the homeless, particularly those with drug problems, just moved out into the community…..  And they brought their things with them, all of them !

They found an old bus at the church too, and at least a dozen had set up camp inside… One of them was quite tidy ….

Most were not  ….

I got a hold of the right people at the Police Department, and stayed at the church until they came  …… The Cops were true professionals…. They interviewed them, and though only a few had ID’s, and probably gave fake names, most of them said they were runners from local Rehab Centers…… One said he had been sent to a Fort Lauderdale Rehab from Lakeland, where he had a cocaine problem,.. The one on the crutches said she had to be back in by midnight  ….. the cops warned them not to return to the church property…

The bus will be towed out today, the church says…..


More Library Trash News !

So, … first I sent this picture to the newspaper last week …..  this trash pile at our main library had been growing for weeks, ….   Geez, it was almost a high rise !!!  The newspaper posted the trashy pic on their twitter feed …


I jog through the stinkin mess at the County library often, certain that this time it will all be fixed up, the homeless relocated to some reasonable housing, all the library grounds cleaned up and usable again ….but for the last few years, I am always disappointed…. But after the Mt. Trashmore pic made the papers, this is what happened the next day !!


I love when  plan comes together ! ….  I’ll keep watching … Tim

Your Library/ and free tent camping !

Welcome to the Fort Lauderdale Main Downtown Library today… Oct 1, 2018

You can camp for free  …. with cold weather coming up north, you better get in soon before the Inn is filled !

Food is free  …… just throw the trash on the ground  … no sweat ! … the rats have to eat too !

… sit by the wonderful stagnant outdoor fountain, just wear a lot of mosquito repellent !

……..    just picture me sitting here at my computer  – shaking my head   …… sadly, …Tim



Library …. Danger … Danger

I expect more violence at our Main Downtown Library …….. let me tell you why …

This morning I jogged through the tent city, as I do about once weekly,  to see if we’ve made any progress with this difficult problem, but sadly, there was no sign of any….

….. As I wound my way through the dirty mess,  I was stopped by one of the tent city residents ….

…..”stock photo of danger!”

What you need….what you need…..  he stood in front of me….. I realized what I needed at this point was to keep jogging !  …..  He was insistent…..  what you, police? ….. he pushed me in the back and told me to get out  ….. I jogged on –   “goodness sakes” , I thought aloud, ” this is our Main Downtown Library ?” ….


Tent City …. Fort Lauderdale (on a dollar, or less a day)

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale  !

This is the City’s signature downtown Main Library, where you can camp outside in a tent for nothing….. But beware,  there is little upkeep, smells of urine, and has some sketchy characters at camp !

….tenting options abound, here is one that gives you that “I’m camping on the edge of a cliff” feeling….

…. free clothing, and meals  suddenly appear free of charge – daily

a transportation Pod is conveniently located in the front !

…  I went in looking to talk with someone, trying to make sense of the fiasco, but no one seemed too eager to talk …except for….

True ( that’s his name) ……    he lives here with his girlfriend, he’s from prison, drug charges,  she’s from New Jersey …..  he says the conditions suck, but that after Sorenson has taken an interest, things are a bit better ….and he says that he might make a movie of the whole stinking mess ….. she says she can’t believe there aren’t more services for folks like them …..

He says anytime someone wants to talk about Fort Lauderdale Tent City, just come round and ask for the Truth ! (that’s what he said !)



Rocky Mountain High !!

I think I found the WEST !  …..   and I’m diggin it !

….. that is actually Pikes Peak behind me …..  In Colorado springs, an hour from Denver  …..  a magical place !

…. look closely at this picture  …. that’s actually two little tiny people on top that mountain  ! …. Cray Cray !

….. I couldn’t get enough of this State…   here’s another pic I just have to share …

I think this rock is about to fall over ….anyhow, they call this wild land Rocky Mountain high   ….

Now I get it ……

I should’ve bought the t-shirt too 🙂

……. and if you go there ever, you MUST see the Red Rock amphitheater –

just the coolest place- th Beatles played there in 1964 !!!


…………  until next time – Tim


My Great American Road Trip has passed the 2000 mile mark, and the further west I go, the more fun I’m having ( probably the thin air 🙂

My last post had me at the gateway to the west, and the first stop had to be Kansas City…. You see, my famous rock and roll band -Sunday’s at Five- plays the song Kansas City and in the second verse it talks about “standing at the corner of 12th Street an Vine ….

Turns out, there IS  NO 12th Street and Vine ! ….damn songwriters !  …. but there is a 18th Street and Vine, so I got out the trusty Martin, stood in front of  “The Museum At 12th Street and Vine” and song a few bars to no one in particular…

Then came the long boring slog across Kansas…..  But imagine my joy when I finally came across the “El Paso County County Fair !

Cows,pigs,sheep, dinosaurs …Oh My

*the dinosaur was just at the gas station 🙂

……more fun later ….. Tim