the Glassman Gang !

This is one of those ugly politics stories  …..  Do not eat within two hours of reading !



…………………  the Story ……….

…. well damn it……  I was almost recognized as this year’s Distinguished Citizen !  …. almost ..

….. You see, the City has a Board made up of former Mayors, Commissioners etc. called the Citizen Recognition Committee, and for the last 40 some years, the committee has met and picked four citizens to be recognized for special notice for their work to make Fort Lauderdale a better place !

…..This year, last October, the committee met as usual and I was picked to be honored as the Distinguished Citizen for 2018 (boy was I proud !)

… But hold on, Commissioner Steve Glassman said…..

….. He mumbled some confusing gobbledygook about holdovers on the committee, “process”, minutes  etc…. then, after changing out some members of the committee who had voted for me, he talked his colleagues into  sending it back to the committee for another look….. another vote … one without my name 🙂

But, to Steve’s dismay, my name came back as the nominee for second time ! ….. Glassman would not be stopped…  (This is where it gets really stupid …)

Glassman had to pull out the big guns, no way could he let Smith get this award! …….so he brought out …..


……. Glassman cobbled together a rather sketchy group of people to come to the public hearing and speak against my nomination for the recognition …..

Here’s who he found to do his dirty work!

The Glassman Gang-

Ted Spiliotis – ex-con ….. convicted of sale, delivery, manufacture, possession with intent to sell heroin  …. long list of other charges, ……Yikes !


Robert Walsh- another ex-con ….. Grand Theft Felony, False alarms of fire, disorderly intoxication, fugitive from justice… etc. etc. etc.


Laura Crocenco – was voted to be removed as President of her neighborhood 29-20…..  Also, banned from the neighborhood social media site NextDoor, allegedly for shaming others…… known to scare otherwise tough persons !


Michaela Conca- reportedly removed from the august group, Fort Lauderdale Woman’s Club ….. who gets removed from a woman’s club ??

and …..


Charlie King- Fort Lauderdale’s most foul ….. he likes to publicly call people demeaning names, calls me Tiny Timmy ….. I think from now on, I will call him Chubby Charlie …. Some members of his own family disown him ….. He once proposed renaming Federal Highway “Confederate Highway” …seriously !

…..So after that charade, the issue went back to the committee for a third time ( you can’t make this stuff up) ….. and this time, Tim Smith would not make it back …

………………………. damn, I was (almost) the 2018 Distinguished Citizen   








14 Replies to “the Glassman Gang !”

  1. Well Mr. distinguished citizen, at least they had to put together a whole gang to do their petty revenge…

  2. There is no one who has worked harder and consistantly for the neighborhoods of Lake Ridge, Middle River Terrace and surrounding areas as Tim Smith and should have been nominated for 2018. Sounds as if someone is paranoid!

  3. That’s hard hitting! For a rather large city there are so many small minded people. The lengths they went sure sound bush league.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get it. You deserve it. Who else has worked as hard for as long? Nobody…..

  4. Sad that the current commission has to make it all political. Sounds mean spirited and kiddish. Incredible.

  5. Having known Steve Glassman years ago, this sounds like a very Glassman thing to do.It’s unfortunate that happened to you.

  6. Unreal. But I am not surprised.These people only want those who are quiet and go with their agenda. Not real citizens who actually care and who could make a difference like you have done.

  7. Elections have consequences. The Citizen honour was given BY YOU to Mary Fertig with a statement ‘8th generation resident’ when 8 x 25 would be 200 years from say 1960 or 1760. THE FIRST WHITE PERMANENT SETTLERS WERE IN the 1890s!

    And I DEFENDED YOU FOR YEARS AGAINST ONE OF THE PEOPLE YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT – but isn’t she entitled to her opinion about the lousey unwalkable NE 13th Street Project? which drivers ALL SEEM TO HATE?

    Do you deserve be made Citizen of the Year based on your Crime Fighting n Park Work for decades? YES! But by attacking others you simply embarass people WHO SUPPORT YOU FOR CITIZEN OF THE YEAR AS I DO.

  8. Tim, I learned civic activism from you! You are always there when needed in all our neighborhoods not just yours! I am amazed how you always have a great, often times..time consuming project to improve Fort Lauderdale. You are faithful! Thank you! When officially recognized in public…matters not! We recognize you! May God continue to bless you and your family. Peace, love and joy! Carmen Smith, South Middle River

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