Marge Anderson Is Gone


…..She was a teacher, an explorer, an author, a civic activist, a nature lover, a volunteer like no other ! …..  She was my friend, my confident, my top supporter, my drinking buddy! ……  And now she is gone   ….. hard to describe how much I will miss her ….. constantly wondering  …..  why do the good ever die young?

…….  Marge’s last writing is below   ……. her son sent it to me after she died…… I’m guessing that’s the way she planned it   …. and knowing her so well, I think she knew I would share it with you  …. Tim

11 Replies to “Marge Anderson Is Gone”

  1. Thanks so much for posting Tim. I didn’t know Marge very well or for very long, but I had a huge amount of respect for the woman she was. And I will miss her history, directness, and grace terribly. I hope you are at peace and out of pain, Marge. All my best,

  2. Marge was a great neighbor and friend of 23 years where she volunteered countless times for great causes. I am so saddened by her passing and every time I pass her neatly kept home with manicured landscape. I loved her book “The Odds” (2013) and the hundreds of photos taken on each of her overseas trips – each with a story. I’ll miss her always – RIP.

  3. So sorry to hear of Marge’s passing. She was a force with which to be reckoned, as I’m sure Heaven will find out. R.I.P. Dear Marge. We’ll miss you.

  4. Marge was truly very special and wonderful — a community asset and a neighborhood treasure! Marge had no agenda but the best interests of her neighbors, her neighborhood, and her City, and she will be missed but never forgotten. Thanks for sharing, Tim!

  5. What a great Lady & so helpful during early years of the Council. A true teacher for all around her,you were a great friend to her, Tim.

    1. Tim – Thank you for sharing this letter- it reinforces what a caring LADY she was in all manors especially her desire to see our City move forward and how she bought her intellect to the conversation together with her wit especially as we had discussions at the Ale House – Dori & I really miss her.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this Tim. Marg was kind enough to give us an exit dialog, but then again that was how she lived her life making it easier for other people. She will be for ever missed.

  7. Really great person … smart, funny, hard working, in all ways spirited, purposeful, valuable. Good letter to have posted Tim … good reminder to stay in the moment and pay it forward.

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