Chief Roberts Jumps In and Talks !!

…..It’s official !
     Former Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Bruce Roberts is in. As we first heard the rumor and shared it with you months ago, the 35 year Fort Lauderdale Policeman will now fight to serve as a Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner!

     He will be challenging two term incumbent Commissioner Christine Teel and local lawyer Ingrid Garcia. 

It’s bound to be one for the record books. Roberts resigned as Police Chief just a few months ago under protest. He sent a public, and very sharp letter to City Manager George Gretsas, accusing the Manager of interfering with his duties as Chief, ordering retribution against Union Officials, and even withholding important Police Safety Gear. 

     Now he is asking the citizens to hire him (as a Commissioner) to be Gretsas’ boss! Such irony!

     I asked Roberts to respond to a few short questions this afternoon, and here they are with his responses.

     ……….So Chief, you’ve gone and done it!  What made you decide to go for it?

     Roberts ….. For the past three years, I have been thinking about running. Remember your letter to me then, asking me to run for a position? Well, I never really dismissed that invitation. Planning for my retirement, I started to focus more on that option during the last year or so; a lot of people also asked that I run for office. With my whole life (35 years) dedicated to public service, I just wanted to continue to serve….. it’s what I do best. I have lived here since 1964 and feel I know our community and it’s needs. I have no special interests to create conflicts. As a Commissioner, I believe I can do even more.

     ………. What are your goals and priorities?

….. Our goals and our priorities will be posted on our web site in the next two weeks (just wanted to throw my hat into the ring today and serve notice that I will be running). Suffice it to say, our main goals are
                    …. Public Safety
                         …. Bring back government by the people/ community involvement in political      
                         …. Team building/ Commission consensus
                         …. Economic Development

……….. So, are you going to fire Gretsas?

    Roberts ….. You know me as a Professional with integrity, and therefore know that I will not comment on personnel decisions.

     ………..  I figured he’d say that !  … Just thought I’d slip that in!  …It’s definitely going to be one for the record books!

Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Teel Draws First Challenger !

     Her name is Inger Garcia.
And she is the first competitor to jump into the race against current District I City Commissioner Christine Teel. At least one other challenger,former Police Chief Bruce Roberts, is expected to follow Garcia’s lead soon.


Garcia is best known on the Galt Ocean Mile, a string of High-Rise condominiums that make up a large voting block in District I. She’s had a standing column about condo law in the The Fort Lauderdale City News, a splashy monthly alternative newspaper that has been known to hit hard and rile feathers, and has a very large distribution in the City. 

     I interviewed Garcia on her 46th birthday, and found her quite effervescent and effusive in her remarks about her candidacy.
     Here are some examples:

……..  So Ingrid, why did you decide to run for District I Commissioner?

          I want to help Fort Lauderdale … make a difference…. I’ve spent my whole career helping people, and now I want to fight for the rights of the people! …. This is a job I want!”
……..  And what makes you think you can beat the incumbent? 

         ” [she jokes] , my campaign manager hasn’t told me yet! …. but really, lots of people are unhappy with the incumbent. I’ll listen to the people!

……..  Can you give me some examples of how Teel doesn’t listen to the people?

           “She didn’t listen to them when they told her to protect the golf courses from development, she doesn’t listen to them when they tell her to stop the planes from flying over their heads. She [has the wrong ideas] about naming parks.  And she’s not focusing on making Fort Lauderdale green/organic and protected for the families. 

……..  So how will you approach the job differently?

         “First off, I will have an open door policy. I will tell my constituents to come to my house, knock on the door. I want to balance the budget, and pay some City employees a more realistic salary.

……..  Are there any specific employees you are talking about?

         “Well, lets just say that the City Manager is going to have to be able to explain his high salary to the citizens. If they think he deserves it, fine. 

……..  Anything else you want to say to your prospective voters?

        ” Just that I’ve spent the last 20 years helping people achieve their goals. Now I’m ready to help the citizens as a Commissioner”

     So the race is on in District I. Things should began to get very interesting from here on in !

Police and Firefighter Event…A Pictorial!

     ….. It was big…. it was fun… see for yourself!

………..   the 1000’s of attendees (crowd estimate by Mickey Markoff !)


                           ………..   and were they happy !


                             ………..   some a little too happy!


         …….   ooooo…ahhhh …. the FOOD


 ………. and the fun !

                                     the thrill of VICTORY!

                                           the agony of DEFEAT!


                   …………      the Cops and Robbers excitement! 



                                                           and that!

…………   and the serious business at hand!

                                         the girls say THANKS …


                                   the Citizens really mean business !


                             Hey Chiefs ……. 
                           please give your men and women a message !
                                        ….from the Citizens of
                                             Fort Lauderdale




The Latest Political Gossip !

     Well, the Dog Days are upon us, the heat is oppressive, the chance of the big hurricane increases by the day, …. but have no fear ….  Politics Live On !

Here’s the latest political scoops, as I’ve heard them!

    One of the biggest rumors of the year seems to be about to come true.

     According to numerous credible sources, former Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Bruce Roberts is about ready to throw his proverbial hat in the political ring. He’s told numerous insiders that he feels his 35 years of dedicated work for Fort Lauderdale did not end with his resignation as Police Chief, and he feels he can be most effective as a City Commissioner.

     Roberts lives in District I, now represented by Commissioner Christine Teel. 

     You might remember that the former Chief left office with a rather fiery resignation letter to City Manager George Gretsas, charging him with interfering with the Police Chief’s duties, ordering retribution against union leaders, and withholding important Police safety gear. 

     If Roberts gets elected, he would be in the elite group of five that has the power to retain or fire Gretsas. Currently, only City Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom has publicly called for Gretsas’s removal. It’s probable that Robert’s would make that two, and Gretsas would be hanging by his proverbial thread ! 

     I first discussed this rumor with you in May, check out what we said then! .

     And then there’s Rodstrom’s seat. She is the first term Commissioner for District II, widely believed to be the most difficult District in the City to represent (it’s true!) The District includes most of the Fort Lauderdale beach, which is the center of the largest industry in town (tourism), but also includes trendy Victoria Park, some of the Downtown, some of the Northwest.

     We first reported in April that beach leader Steve Glassman was thinking of challenging Rodstrom. He issued a non-denial denial then, but has been very busy since then meeting with neighborhood leaders and feeling out the mood. 

     I’ve heard from many of them that say that Glassman isn’t happy with Rodstrom and is almost certain to run.

     OK, that’s all for now!…Stay tuned