More Library Trash News !

So, … first I sent this picture to the newspaper last week …..  this trash pile at our main library had been growing for weeks, ….   Geez, it was almost a high rise !!!  The newspaper posted the trashy pic on their twitter feed …


I jog through the stinkin mess at the County library often, certain that this time it will all be fixed up, the homeless relocated to some reasonable housing, all the library grounds cleaned up and usable again ….but for the last few years, I am always disappointed…. But after the Mt. Trashmore pic made the papers, this is what happened the next day !!


I love when  plan comes together ! ….  I’ll keep watching … Tim

Your Library/ and free tent camping !

Welcome to the Fort Lauderdale Main Downtown Library today… Oct 1, 2018

You can camp for free  …. with cold weather coming up north, you better get in soon before the Inn is filled !

Food is free  …… just throw the trash on the ground  … no sweat ! … the rats have to eat too !

… sit by the wonderful stagnant outdoor fountain, just wear a lot of mosquito repellent !

……..    just picture me sitting here at my computer  – shaking my head   …… sadly, …Tim