Your Library/ and free tent camping !

Welcome to the Fort Lauderdale Main Downtown Library today… Oct 1, 2018

You can camp for free  …. with cold weather coming up north, you better get in soon before the Inn is filled !

Food is free  …… just throw the trash on the ground  … no sweat ! … the rats have to eat too !

… sit by the wonderful stagnant outdoor fountain, just wear a lot of mosquito repellent !

……..    just picture me sitting here at my computer  – shaking my head   …… sadly, …Tim



One Reply to “Your Library/ and free tent camping !”

  1. Tell u one thing Tim come Nov.these residents across this state give me my voting rights back the very first thing im doing( the next day, next day) im marching down to that election SOE off.and getting my voter id card.Call the sheriff, local cops, National Guard i am not leaving. until i have that damn card.Then im crossing the street going to city hall and filing the paperwork to run for mayor.Why? By these pics.Disgusting.Then Mayor Trantalis stated wants to give a mill bucks to the county for this homeless mess?.Then spends 10g on but yet the 7th floor.has to deal with that worn out stinky carpeting and this order from mayor is no new carpeting etc until Mr.Feldman is out the door.Come on how petty.HIV highest in Ft.lau and Syphilis not only in Ft.lau highest in the nation( yes).All under your watch.Im comin.Oh im sure Chief Marvel will tell me as much as i like u here come the records request for your mug shots.Bring it on.So we will see come November..These homeless if i am permited to run your going…

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