More Library Trash News !

So, … first I sent this picture to the newspaper last week …..  this trash pile at our main library had been growing for weeks, ….   Geez, it was almost a high rise !!!  The newspaper posted the trashy pic on their twitter feed …


I jog through the stinkin mess at the County library often, certain that this time it will all be fixed up, the homeless relocated to some reasonable housing, all the library grounds cleaned up and usable again ….but for the last few years, I am always disappointed…. But after the Mt. Trashmore pic made the papers, this is what happened the next day !!


I love when  plan comes together ! ….  I’ll keep watching … Tim

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  1. Mayor Trantalis answer is to go along with the county and front them a million dollars toward the homeless issue.The mayor seems to be count me( ft.lau) in.I mean i could see.if this mill would be used to expand the Hack etc , but to pay for homeless people apts( wait) , pay their ulitity bills,inc.cable and furnish their apts.All with this million dollars.No way Tim.Give someone a fish today, they eat for today.Teach them how to fish( job counciling, medical treatment, rehab, jobbtraining( workforce one).They eat forever.We want our city back.People read your blog Tim.Welcome back.Get right back on that horse.Ubr well liked.Your blog has been extremely missed.Alot have asked me is it true come Nov.if the residents vote to givenu your clemency, will u run.Answer if Mayor trantalis, along with the commission- then DEAL ME IN..This felony voting rights im on the fence.I have Palm beach down.North of palm bch im worried.Will see..But yes if the voters pass felony voting and Trantalis gives the county a.million dollars of your money, than yes im in and will run for mayor.Ps.Lee Feldman im petitioning the keep u past Jan1 as a consulant to work hand in hand with the new city manager they plan to hire.Not comfortable Lee just leaving Jan1( which was my idea).To much to learn and grasp for new manager.Lee would be more than happy to stay on as consulant to April 1-2019.( confirmed)To have someone start from day one is counter productive.This way here new manager Mr.Feldman could guide..My way works.Trust me guys…

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