Library …. Danger … Danger

I expect more violence at our Main Downtown Library …….. let me tell you why …

This morning I jogged through the tent city, as I do about once weekly,  to see if we’ve made any progress with this difficult problem, but sadly, there was no sign of any….

….. As I wound my way through the dirty mess,  I was stopped by one of the tent city residents ….

…..”stock photo of danger!”

What you need….what you need…..  he stood in front of me….. I realized what I needed at this point was to keep jogging !  …..  He was insistent…..  what you, police? ….. he pushed me in the back and told me to get out  ….. I jogged on –   “goodness sakes” , I thought aloud, ” this is our Main Downtown Library ?” ….


2 Replies to “Library …. Danger … Danger”

  1. I now know why I don’t have any desire to go to MY PUBLUC LIBRARY which my tax dollars built and support!

  2. Fear of the homeless is not helpful. I trust that was not your intention.

    Nothing is happening as fast as we would all like it to happen, but I’m willing to give the powers that be — the new organization comprised of the business community + United Way + Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance + Commissioner Sorensen & others, some breathing room to see what they can accomplish. If come January 1, 2019, their plan has yet to crystalize and take flight, then it really will be time to look at the Find Your Path Center option. Anyone wishing to read about the Find Your Path Center solution, please email and you will be sent the four(4) page .pdf file outlining this plan.

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