Tent City …. Fort Lauderdale (on a dollar, or less a day)

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale  !

This is the City’s signature downtown Main Library, where you can camp outside in a tent for nothing….. But beware,  there is little upkeep, smells of urine, and has some sketchy characters at camp ! Also, for more information on the best trailers and vehicles, people can check them out from here!

….tenting options abound, here is one that gives you that “I’m camping on the edge of a cliff” feeling….

…. free clothing, and meals  suddenly appear free of charge – daily

a transportation Pod is conveniently located in the front !

…  I went in looking to talk with someone, trying to make sense of the fiasco, but no one seemed too eager to talk …except for….

True ( that’s his name) ……    he lives here with his girlfriend, he’s from prison, drug charges,  she’s from New Jersey …..  he says the conditions suck, but that after Sorenson has taken an interest, things are a bit better ….and he says that he might make a movie of the whole stinking mess ….. she says she can’t believe there aren’t more services for folks like them …..

He says anytime someone wants to talk about Fort Lauderdale Tent City, just come round and ask for the Truth ! (that’s what he said !)



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