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    Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 2008

     Thanks for logging onto Tim Smith’s Fort lauderdale

     The site’s mission is to keep you informed about Fort Lauderdale: it’s government, it’s elected officials, and most importantly, it’s future. It’s an especially appropriate time to launch the site, as the municipal elections are going to take place about this time next year. Term limits are kicking in, and Fort Lauderdale will have a substantially new governing body.              

     The City has been engaged in a “Identity Crisis” for years, and this election might begin to define what we will be when we grow up! The City will have it’s 100th birthday in 2011, just three years away! 

 Now about your participation. It’s expected. It’s wanted. It’s a little scary! I’m sure you are reading on because you DO have opinions, and you DO want to be heard. And this will give you a new voice. Please comment on the issues of the day, the stories you read here, and other items you think we need to cover. Keep it clean, keep it short, and keep it interesting ! And before you leave, please subscribe (see left column at the bottom), so you will kept up to date on future postings !

                                                    ciao, Tim