Fort Lauderdale – Days Gone, But Not Forgotten!

     We do have history in Fort Lauderdale! As a matter of fact, we will be 99 years old next March!

     I just received this great photo from my buddy Rob. …..  Check it out!


     The Picture was taken by the Navy during World War II, – 1943

     Fort Lauderdale played an important role during the war, though our beaches were cordoned off with barb wire, and the German U- boats were often spotted just off the coast…. Many of the servicemen that were stationed here during the war came back after the war and settled here.

   The plane is an SB2C Helldiver, and the bridge behind it’s tail is the old flat Las Olas bridge. That’s the future Bahia Mar Yacht Basin under the plane. You can barely make out the Sunrise blvd. bridge up the Intracoastal, and you can see the Federal Highway running north near the top left of the picture. That’s the Middle River just to the right of the highway. 

     With a magnifying glass, you can see Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom’s house on Nurmi Isle! 
 ( yes Charlotte, I know you weren’t even born yet!)

     The planning for the City’s 100th  birthday party is getting into full swing. Why don’t you get involved! …   ….e-mail Mayor Jack Seiler at if you can help……..