My Great American Road Trip has passed the 2000 mile mark, and the further west I go, the more fun I’m having ( probably the thin air 🙂

My last post had me at the gateway to the west, and the first stop had to be Kansas City…. You see, my famous rock and roll band -Sunday’s at Five- plays the song Kansas City and in the second verse it talks about “standing at the corner of 12th Street an Vine ….

Turns out, there IS  NO 12th Street and Vine ! ….damn songwriters !  …. but there is a 18th Street and Vine, so I got out the trusty Martin, stood in front of  “The Museum At 12th Street and Vine” and song a few bars to no one in particular…

Then came the long boring slog across Kansas…..  But imagine my joy when I finally came across the “El Paso County County Fair !

Cows,pigs,sheep, dinosaurs …Oh My

*the dinosaur was just at the gas station 🙂

……more fun later ….. Tim


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