Tim’s GreatAmericanRoadTrip !

… America is so BIG ! … I’m into this road trip about 1000 miles so far, and I’m having a blast (and  am exhausted 🙂    …. I left St Louis, Missouri a few days ago, ( headed west young man) – and I need to give  those of you that have joined me – virtually, an update …

Before  I forget,  before St. Louis I stopped in Paducah Kentucky on the way to St Louis  …… Sad place ….but in the 1950’s, it produced Uranium or some such thing. and they are still proud of it !…. (see pic above)

…….   but St. Louis, Missouri…. big great City …..   but … yes, also a mess ….

Downtown is nice, but this is what you see just outside ..

Here I am stopping to look at a leasing option ….  I hear you can buy some of these for one dollar…. I passed …

I decided not to camp in St. Louis and got a room at a nice Days Inn about a mile outside downtown….. the desk clerk suggested I take my scooter ( that’s what I take to get around the cities) in the room….. seriously

…. But to give the City their due credit, their downtown is quite nice –

Of course the Gateway Arch is spectacular, and as big as the Washington monument !  … this is where Lewis and Clark started their trek to find a way west to the Pacific Ocean –

immortalized on the river !

…. and the City takes their art seriously   …..  it is everywhere –

a man without a head –

a head…..

…even Pinnochio on rollers!

…..  but the most interesting thing about St. Louis –

… they stole the Pier 66 !

….  OK, I’ll be in Denver in a few hours….I’ll check back in then …. Tim


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