Tim’s tour ( can you join me?)

So I’m wandering across America on an exciting road trip …. that’s what Tim is up to now-a-days !

This is our yellow RV   ….  I think I’m calling it the Banana …..it may be a bit bright, but it is all outfitted with everything you need … bed , bath, kitchen, TV, A/C etc….. and it gets 20 m.p.g…… !

The road trip started from our cabin in Ga…..

This is our backyard there  …..YEOWWW !

Anyhow,  after leaving Ga., I cruised into

I set up camp just outside Birmingham, and found a typical southern joint and met some friends ….

…let’s just say they were a hoot 🙂

……. the next morning, it was off to Nashville …..  and what a town … first, I went to see the American Pickers store (it  looked a lot like my son’s store Oddballs Nifty Thrift on NE 13th Street )

I bought a couple of gifts, and then I went down into town to Broadway, where the honky- tonks are absolutely everywhere…. food drink music …. rinse lather repeat !..

I wandered into one club and the music was calling…. I found myself up on the stage singing “Pretty Woman” ! …… the crowd yelled ” do you know how to sing far far away? “….. I didn’t know that one so I stopped with one  ….

So, I was already having more fun that is probably legal … before I saw the mirage ….. a whisky tour  …… with samples !!

They certainly had plenty barrels , but of course I was only there for the educational aspect – the process of fermenting, aging , the casks that are charred etc…..  and I swear I only tasted the different products as instructed !

I did buy a nice bottle for later 🙂


….. I’ll report back in later  – next stop, the St. Louis arch !

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