Commissioner Trantalis asks for big payraise !


Commissioner Trantalis pictured above

Commissioner Dean Trantalis, on Tuesday,  asked his colleagues on the Fort Lauderdale City Commission to vote in a pay raise for the Mayor and the Commissioners, to take effect next March, at the next election ( Trantalis is expected to run for reelection )…. The pay hike request was enormous, fifty percent pay raise for the Mayor spot, and 40 percent for Commissioners… This would make their salary far greater then all the salaries of all the Commissioners in Broward County ..

In the  election next  March, and only Trantalis and Commissioner Mckinzie can run for office then, as the rest of the Commissioners are term limited in their seats  …

Trantalis clearly wants more money. He is a very successful attorney in Wilton Manors, but wants the taxpayers to dig in deeper for him if he decides to stay in elected office… Trantalis complained at the Commission hearing that he has to go to night meetings, talk to developers, spend a lot of hours as Commissioner.


Mayor Seiler disagreed with Trantalis on the pay raise… Seiler said he couldn’t support the pay raise…. Commissioner Rogers and Commissioner Roberts also voted no…. Dean was upset  …

Word on the street says Trantalis was considering a run for Mayor, but now, after he couldn’t get the big pay raise, maybe not !!!







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  1. Tim, have you never thought you deserved a raise?

    I feel badly that you, as a former commissioner, criticize another. It’s beneath your dignity. You have such good ideas and experience to write about issues rather than offer personal opinions about people trying to make a difference.

    1. thanks Diane for the comment, but I’ve lost all faith in Trantalis….He has been telling less than the truth to many people, going back on his word….. undermining his colleagues…. And no, I don’t believe a 50 percent raise is reasonable ….. But I will try and take your advice and get back to the issues….

  2. I don’t understand why Dean pushed so hard for the raises. He stated that it would attract more people but the current pay attracted him. I don’t think Dean is running for mayor although he is toying w/ it since he told Brittany Wallman that he is not sure if he is running for commissioner again. If he runs more people running in the mix. Judy Stern would love for Dean to run because that would take votes away from charlotte Rodstrom etc. Dean tried running for mayor against Seiler yrs ago it was disappointing. So will see. The city is in a mess. He will capitalize on this. Will he run. I say 50/50 shot. Keep encouraging him Judy.I do not see him winning ,although causing stress for the other canidates inc. Bruce Roberts….

    1. Everyone in City politics knows the “deal” Trantalis et al wants is Trantalis for Mayor n Charlotte for II District because of campaign finances. Dean NEVER considered OR WOULD consider running if Charlotte was in the race as the whiney crew at his Agenda Reviews are running Charlotte’s campaign i.e. Mary Fertig Ann Hilmer n Paul Chettle

  3. Commissioner Mckinzie has some legal issues with his first election, let’s see if this encourages a candidate.
    Commissioner Trantalis has the option not to run for office, if the weight of service is to high for him at the current paygrade.

  4. Dean Trantalis talks one way than votes another. He changes position not because of new information or reflection but because one buddy or special interest comes to him with some self serving interest. Remember how he supported the PUBLIC SAFETY ENDANGERING BAHIA CABANAS scheme but opposed Bahia Mar which would have BENEFITED US THE TAXPAYERS at the same time?
    No one OF SUBSTANCE has come forward so we are stuck with him. Of course he’s plotting to run at the last minute and the raise was to deduce one of his unemploy clowns at his reprehensible whiny Agenda Meetings to run. The whole thing stinks from high Heaven

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