Another Candidate !

It’s election season in Fort Lauderdale, as the election for the Mayor and  Commissioners happens early next year ….

…….. I’ll soon give you a thorough accounting of all the candidates so far, where they stand, what their chances are etc., but for now,  here’s a new tidbit…

Another District four Commissioner entry is about to happen. And amazingly, this one will be the third candidate  who also lives in the neighborhood of Rio Vista as the other two do !



He is Dr. Warren Sturman, a cardiologist, who was designated on the “top Doctors of South Florida” list  in 2012…..

Sturman has been the President of Rio Vista for many years, and I expect him to be a contender…..

……………..  more soon ! …Tim


3 Replies to “Another Candidate !”

  1. This is going to be THE RACE apparently next year. We know Commissioners McKinzie n Trantalis will win in walks while Heather Moriatis is a shoe in like Vice Mayor Bruce Roberts for Mayor. Dr Rev Ben Sorenson hasnt held office but is supported by the Rogers family while Walter Duke has been Mayor of Dania Beach but a long time Ft Lauderdale businessman and Marine Industries leader. It remains to be seen what the Business Real Estate leaders in the District will do.

  2. By the way it looks right now esp. by above email blast last week the mayoral race is going to be a bruiser. Why?. Again, why can’t it be about the issues etc. no some of the campaign paid managers(i get it ,play to win its your bread and butter). So play dirty. Others will play dirtier.Plan on the others to bring up the past election or should I say special election when Charlotte Rodstrom ran for a county seat and it cost over 200g. Then plan on seeing Bruce Roberts pensions(both officers and chief-although earned th e residents will be astounished at th e money he is pulling in every month.) Plan on them stating Charlotte ran if other races and lost. Plan on seeing Bruce Roberts “performance evaluations reviews (not pretty) from City man. Gretsas.. And I’m sure there will be many more from both sides. Shame….

  3. This notion that Comm.Mckinzie is a shoe in huh. That’s if he isn’t arrested by the time elections roll around. Also he is a snitch. Oh I’m not talking about witnessing someone getting raped etc. of course you call police. No I’m talkin about calling the police(911) when you are no better yourself. and yes I’m talking about when Mckinzie here called 911 when then Chief Adderley and his wife were arguing etc. oh I know you snitch call 911 she is gonna kill him. You and your 911(don’t tempt me caus e i’ll get the 911 call you placed(public record) and play it for the entire city-you snitch. This is why I pursued this so much. Again you snitch. Don’t worry Mrs.Adderly he’s going to jail just like you had to because of him. Can’t wait. I hate a snitch… Someone any one run aginst Mckinzie. Plus to boot obviously he doesn’t even live in his district. Oh its coming poetic justice….

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