Main Library a Stinky Mess !



The City has done a great job cleaning up the people’s property that they control near the Main Library, but the County has not done squat on their property – the Library!

I jogged through the area this morning and was really shocked at the deplorable condition of the Main Library grounds…. I can’t imagine that people  use that facility, with the way it is kept…



There was tons of trash and junk scattered about, and the whole area smelt like urine  …. This is in the center of our downtown and should be fixed, now! …. come on County !



What was once a lovely pool with fountain, is now just an empty pool, with assorted garbage and pigeons feeding on watermelon rinds and old sandwiches! OMG !



There was a missionary preaching to the homeless encampment, (that appears to be corralled in this lot),  but the crowd was all standing amidst  un-Christian like garbage!


….. OK, go check it out for yourself if you dare, and then send this to your County Commissioner, or to the City Commissioner that is supposed to handle this area – Commissioner Trantalis …


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  1. Stinky mess. You are right Tim. I don’t blame the elected officals. No, I blame the homeless themselves. No way do they have the right to camp outside there. I like d Mayor Seiler approach. Lock up all th ehomeless that are sexual predators(lots). Pigs . Thank you Mayor. They will never beat us Mayor. Keep it up. We want our Downtown back. Imagine accusing Chaz adams of stealing their shit. (too funny). Lockers, apartmnets ,free food etc. feed them in your backyard Mr.Abbott(and I could care less if he’s 100). Also stupid ,putting money aside to hose them in some hotel for three weeks etc(Extended stay)-2og etc). Doesn’t solve the issue. Open up that old city jail on broward is the answer. But nooo, I don’t get it….

  2. Blaming the “homeless” instead of LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS WHO SPEND OUR REAL ESTATE TAXES is both mindless and pointless. The ELECTED OFFICIALs are the weak link AS EFFECTIVELY THEY ARE THE EYES n EARS of the City or County staff who react to their “policy directives”. The corner of NE 13th Street and my block is like some blocks of Sunrise were until Commissioner got them cleaned up BUT WE HAVE NO HOMELESS! Blaming the Homeless is Mindless in this case as in ours.
    Commissioner Smith is right! This is Commissioner Trantalis’ responsibility.

  3. Many of the homeless are mentally ill, some have alcohol or drug problems, some have recently lost their apartments or jobs, then there are veterans, some with no family or friends. As long as we as Americans have no compassion for the least amongst us, we will have this situation. We the citizens are the problem and we should stop blaming the victims. But for the grace of God goes us or our children or grandchildren in the coming years. This city pays many of our civil servants way more than is necessary. We must look to help those who are the least amonst us now.

  4. Shame on you, Robert Walsh, for your ignorance and lack of compassion. Not to mention your sloppy post full of misspellings and typos. Maybe you see in the homeless something you don’t like in yourself.

  5. Lets blame ourselves, we vote in government officials that do not have the vision or stomach for leadership.

  6. Mr Link is 100% correct.If you have even minor mental distress n dont have grade A insurance or a millionaire Parent you are thrown out in the cold here by Broward General Hospital. People with Legitimate disability claims not followed up because of mental instability get NO HELP even if they were taxpayers for decades in Broward County. Its a scandal how the non rich get short shift in mental n addictive services. Miss Summers hashumanity Walsh is his usual ignornant self.

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