Dog Poo Contest

        We single-family homeowners just hate the rare doggie owner that lets their pooch do their business on our swales and moves on without picking it up !!!

         So here is the contest

                 …. send me a picture of the best sign you’ve seen  –  here’s mine !


                                          …. send your entry directly to me at


5 Replies to “Dog Poo Contest”

  1. The “rare” dog owner? It’s epademic in my neighborhood. We have dogs sh*tting everywhere, getting loose and attacking people and other dogs. Totally irresponsible owners. Do we outlaw dogs? No, we regulate, i.e. it’s against code to not pick up after your dog or not have on a leash. Sadly, these regulations are hard to enforce. That’s why people resort to home-made signs On the other hand, if you suggest allowing residents to have hens to produce eggs/food, everyone including our political leaders freak out. It’s all about having regulations. And, ironically, it’d be a lot easier to enforce regulation on hen owners than dog owners who cruise our neighborhood streets with their pets and leave stinky piles behind for others to smell and/or step in. I’d take hens in my neighborhood over dogs any day!

  2. Oh Tim, that use to be one of my biggest pet peeves. I wrote a post on this when I was living in Fort Lauderdale. I got all kinds of flack from people for being so bothered by this little matter of common decency. I do not miss picking up dog crap from neighbors’ dogs.

    Why is it that pet owners think it is okay to let their dog go up on someone else’s property to defecate? I walked out one evening to find a gentleman on the middle of my lawn with his German Schnauzer in the releasing position. I said Sir, please pick up after your dog. He promptly told me that he will dig a hole (in my lawn) and bury the poop. Really? Really? I told him to bury his little golden nuggets in his lawn. He replied “you are a bitch”.

    On a early Sunday morning, I took the trash out. I noticed a woman with two little white dogs up under our bedroom window. I asked “What are you doing?”. She replied, my dogs like it here. Really? Really? She asked me why I was not a nice neighbor?

    I asked two different dog walkers to please not let their dogs poop on the new sod that was placed down. There is nothing worse than mowing your lawn and dog excrement coming flying back at you. Both these people had the cheek to call me names and walk off.

    Check out the pictures of signs I took around a neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale.

    Be careful of what you post or the sign you put up as I was threatened by one dog owner.

  3. A resident of our townhouse lets his loose dogs poop on the lawn, picks it up with his bare hands and throws it in the river, which is against the law. Obviously he doesn’t care. Disgusting.

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