Michael the Farmer

      Did you know that there is a vegetable farm at NE 3rd Avenue and NE 6th Street (yes Charlie, that is also Sistrunk Boulevard) ?


       It’s called Flagler Village Farm, and it is possible due to the City’s new Urban Farming ordinance, but the credit, and the success of this effort falls squarely on this man –


                         Architect, civic planner, and now farmer – Michael Madfis.

      Madfis got involved in this new latest craze when the bottom dropped out of the development industry during the last crash. And he is quite good at it!

                                             worker Miguel cleans some greens

                                                            super food !

Madfis says the trick is in the soil mix, but don’t expect him to give you the recipe! He says he has little problems with insects so far, though he did catch some green worms on his Bok Choy.

         Go see Michael and buy some veggies……  tell him Tim sent you !

2 Replies to “Michael the Farmer”

  1. Fresh grown veggies taste extra extra good! Urban gardening is wonderful and I hope to see more in the future. It does a soul good to get your hands in the dirt.
    Starting March 5 is the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. I love going as I get to find neat ideas on gardening. Plus you can taste fruits veggies and grown foods from many countries.

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