9 Replies to “Murdered Man”

  1. i think that’s the guy i buy my crack from……damn! now i’m gonna have to get some new digits from a new git!

  2. We live on the other side of Route 1. It is know all over the East Coast that the Broward Ghetto runs from Route 1 to the Turnpike. We in Middle River Terrace, Poinsettia Heights and Lake Ridge are the transitional neighborhoods — and yes that means the hood is REAL close.

  3. A lot of people here want to make snide remarks about a young man being killed in the street but the reality is, this is someone’s son. Did he make great life choices…obviously not.

    Also important, look at the time and location where this happened..what if a child was walking nearby and was accidentally caught in the crossfire? What if this was 2 hours later in the day and a family was coming out the appliance store? What if this turned into a major shoot out with a lot of innocent victims? A lot of what ifs…

    An incident like this can easily spread and spill over to other areas of Fort Lauderdale…not to mention, has the shooter been caught? Think someone who is capable of something like this is scared to mug you while on Las Olas late at night? Think he’s scared to car jack you for that nice leased BMW or Mercedes?

    Make your jokes but this is a pretty serious occurrence and the potential for more isn’t too far from you.

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