HoJo’s Goes BOOM BOOM !

     Finally  …. Hojo’s goes boom boom at the beach !!!

           (If a picture with YouTube arrow doesn’t appear below, click on this link instead – blog.timsmith.com – and turn up your speakers!)

                                ……. it’s worth it !




5 Replies to “HoJo’s Goes BOOM BOOM !”

  1. Wow….no more yummy ice cream or hot dogs from Howard Johnson’s….lots of memories for many families visiting and living in Florida…Hope they salvage the Coral boulders from the building!!!

  2. Let me take care of this up front. It took so long because:
    1. Sea Turtles
    2. The police department
    3. Crime in SMRCA
    4. No up lit palm trees
    5. Hooligans at Beachplace
    6. Gun Shows at War Memorial
    7. Low voter turnout
    8. Special interest groups pushing their agendas
    9. Low income/subsidized housing
    10. Employee unions

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