Seiler’s Thorn(s)

     Mayor Jack Seiler’s  most virulent critic, Charlie King, sent an e-mail out to dozens of bigwigs today to say he and some “rebels” were forming a group to oppose Seiler.  


     King (second from left) sent out this photo of his “rebels” (Earl Rynerson on left, Ray Dettman on right, and Vicki Eckels  with caption added  …. see below –

     Ready to Roll:

  Rebels of the regime are gathering to put their petty differences aside to take on the 3 man un-Holy Alliance of Seiler, Roberts and Rogers and their nonresident police and fire union henchmen.  Don’t be surprised if you hear more from these coalescing Concerned Citizens Against Jack Seiler.  Special thanks to Cal Deal for making us look so good despite the backlighting.

       The e-mail drew a strong response from the picture taker King references – Cal Deal.


      There you go again, Charlie.

      When I want to make my opinions known, I’ll do so myself and, as always, I will sign my name to them. You should know better than to imply that I do or do not hold certain positions, that I do or do not like certain members of the City Commission, and that I do or do not like the state of our Police Department.

      Further, I want to make it abundantly clear that there is no “coalescing Concerned Citizens Against Jack Seiler” or anything like it. There is no budding conspiracy, and those who ate and talked yesterday evening were people of differing views who were there to eat and talk. Period. 

      This is precisely why I have a filter on my email program that sends everything from you  directly to my TRASH — unread. You don’t know when to shut up. 


                         Dettman, on the other hand, said this about the group – 

      Intentions good government , No recall, and I  Already told Charlie I would Vote for Him if He ran for Mayor.

                        And Eckels:

     While we are a group of concerned citizen activists, we have long convened to socialize over food and drink, converse about the local political and civic scene with a lovely diversity of opinion; we do not always agree but we certainly let opinions flow freely. We arrive as friends and leave as friends. Charles claims he was trying to be humorous, he does have a sense of humor though it wasn’t particualrly evident in his morning posting about forming an alliance to rebel against incumbents. No matter, I still like him.

15 Replies to “Seiler’s Thorn(s)”

  1. This man lives for the publicity and you afford him that. He is a narcissist that will say anything, regardless of the truth.Jack Seileer will crush him.

  2. I have been honored and privileged to serve as the Mayor of the great City of Fort Lauderdale for the last 5 years. If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected, I will continue to serve the public and our neighbors to the best of my ability. However, it is a little early to be talking about elections and candidates as we continue to focus on simply making Fort Lauderdale a better place to live, work, play, and raise a family.

    John P. “Jack” Seiler

  3. It doesn’t surprise me that king and rynerson have teamed up- they are 2 peas in a pod- both spewing negativity without giving of themselves to help the community, only slandering people that they don’t like, and are jealous of…… Too bad they can’t put that wasted energy into something positive.
    As for the other 2 in the picture, I don’t know them well enough, but if they align themselves with the other 2 losers, and admit they are friends of theirs, that speaks volumes to me about the content of their character…

  4. The four negative people hate the officers that serve and protect them.The good thing is none of them will get elected and no one listens to them.Tim, we need you to be our commissioner again. When negative people attacked us back in the day, you as an elected commissioner in the area where we worked hard for you, spoke up and had our backs.That’s why we worked hard for you and the bad guys knew it.Things are not the same without you and you are the reason we had things under control!!!

  5. That story about Cohen threatening a foe with having pictures of his kids is terrible. It appears King and Cohen play for keeps.

  6. Mr. King and Mr. Smith serve a purpose. To balance the scales of power after the elections have taken place. Mr. Smith stood up and ran for office more then once. Mr. King is an ongoing political activist. My respect to all that engage the powers that be.

  7. Yes Lester the rest of the citizens need to speak up – whether in support, or not

    10% voting is not the voice of the city, just the 10% who are involved
    let the 5 on the dais stay till 2018
    then there will be no denying if their term limited ‘service’ was good or not

  8. These are all Comm.Dean trantalis’ click. “To Sophia” you think big Earl here is hot(really?), you should see the boy-toy he’s got, huh Earl. I saw Earl in the grocery store months ago. You should have seen him bossing his “hottie” around. Get me this, go to this aisle, get me that( I would have said , get it yourself-loud mouth, pushy bottom). The guy is about 6ft. tall(envious) and built like a Miami Dolphins lineman. To stand next to Earl who is my height(need I say more). Mr.Pushy(Earl) here(are you like that in the bedroom) ordering lover-boy around. . Although life must be pretty good w/ Bo-Bo Justice here(Earl). Fancy cars, cruises, rubbing elbows w/ Dino here(Trantalis) still not enough to share a bed w/ you Earl. His voice alone to hear it first thing in the am, I would put a mickey in that cup. Can you see it. Here is your coffee honey(laced w/ I go w/ rat poison. I don’t know Chief Adderley Earl just fell over). As far as Charlie King. Well Charlie you certainly have made a name for yourself. Good, bad, indifferent. The voters will decide. The other ones I don’t know to much about. As far as our Police. They are the best. And this is a convicted felon stating that(all you got you-some of you). I think every one in this photo have way to much time on their hands. I would bet Mayor Seiler and I do more before 9am than all them do all day. Go after the mayor w/ issues, policy matters. No, you go after him w/ your cheap shots, and fodder. They all have a hard on for the police union officer(sgt) Jack lowkinsky. I will never beat him guys. Notice the smart ass comments about Comm.Roberts. He could throw any one of them clear across the room. My late mother was very impressed w/ Bruce. She met him, and after he left she said you would never run against him, he is in great shape and to bad you didn’t have his height(I know I told her-ha/ha-miss her). I mean seriously for them to go after Bruce Roberts is not right. He is not in your district(as nothing to do w/ you). For them to have outed his address. For them to state , and in sinuate that Comm.roberts property taxes went down because he called the property appraiser off. was outrageous. That home he owns is his investment. Imagine stating that he orchestrated to get his property taxes lower. Who would want to see their property value lowered?. I would have said Bruce I just spent 30g plus on a new kitchen. I mean you should have taken your wife to Home-Depot. There you go honey a brand new 5g kitchen from Home depot. Never huh, Comm.Bruce. You see what I mean this group throws cheap shots all day long..To close you ever see anyone around your home Comm.roberts that are not invited -shoot them. Then call me….

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