Snubbin Stevey!

     Former beach President Steve Glassman is feeling downright snubbed by the Fort Lauderdale City Commission.


Glassman has been trying to volunteer his efforts on a Fort Lauderdale
advisory board, for quite awhile, but to no avail. Glassman thinks he’s being ignored for consideration due to his 2009 run for the City Commission. Glassman lost his effort to the incumbent Charlotte Rodstrom.

     So Glassman’s frustrations with his failing effort had him send the following e-mail to the Mayor (and then the Commissioners, this week).

    First, let me congratulate you on your re-election – all the best!

    Watching today’s meeting (and prior meetings), I am reminded of a
conversation you and I had at a function in South Middle River after the
2009 election. You told me to stay involved because the City needed people
like me to contribute and stay active. I said I would apply for a few of
the Advisory Boards where I felt qualified to assist.

     Subsequently over the past few years, I have witnessed openings on several
of these Boards and when my name is called by the Clerk, Charlotte typically
begins to babble some nonsense and then you say, “Let’s get some names.”

     That happened again a few minutes ago, and so I am wondering, am I
blacklisted for some reason? Having served on several Boards including P&Z
for three years, I believe that I am qualified for Board of Adjustment and
the other Boards where I have applied.

     Thanks for listening.



So far, only Commissioner Rogers has replied to Steve. Rogers says there is ” no problem from his end”.

     So whose end has the problem? …. I’ll keep you informed – 


Election Fall Out/Fall In !

     The first election is over, and the generally expected  fall out has happened in the completed Fort Lauderdale Commission – District II race.

     But maybe the more interesting development is the unusual fall in ! –
                                      Let me explain …..

     Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom had a big win last Tuesday. She had two challengers, Mike Ferber and Lester Zalewski.

                                                   big winner

     The fall out

        Lester Zalewski

   Zalewski is a former Vice President of the Central Beach Alliance. He is currently a Board Member of the Central Beach Alliance. 

     But Zalewski angered many of his Board, when he sent out, just before election day, an e-mail from a similarly sounding new group, the Beach Alliance, endorsing Zalewski.

     Seems to me that the Beach Alliance endorsement was sent to beach residents in an effort to confuse the voter into thinking that the real Central Beach Alliance endorsed Zalewski. It didn’t work.

     Today, this message came out from the real Central Beach Alliance….

CBA Board,

Attached is the agenda for the special Board of Directors meeting.

It will be held at 6:00, this Thursday, before the regular board meeting.

It concerns the removal of a director. 

Looks like Zalewski is history.

       The fall in


There was a lot of insider talk during the campaign about Ferber being a crimi , (a put up candidate to force a primary). 

     Ferber strongly denied it.

    But today, just one week after the election, Rodstrom’s opponent in the District II race was reinstated to his former position on the Planning and Zoning Board …. appointed by ….  that’s right – Charlotte Rodstrom! 

      Maybe Rodstrom was feeling charitable…or,

      Maybe there was something to that insider talk after all.





A Decent Man

     Richard Mancuso

                      a decent man …. gone too soon……

                              Richard hard at work, civically, as usual!

     Richard was one of those rare human beings that earned the respect of all who met him.

     He succumbed to pancreatic cancer a week back, and will be memorialized on  
Monday, Feb. 6th at noon at St. Anthony’s.

     I last saw Richard a few weeks ago. The Mayor was holding one of his “Jog with Jack” runs, and we ran right past Richard’s house. 

     Richard was out in the parking lot, greeting those rolling past. I stopped to give him a hug, but there wasn’t much left of him to hug. I asked him how he was. He said “just fine, doin good”. He joked that his Doctor wanted him to gain some weight, that he was drinking milkshakes.

     Looking back, I suspect he knew he was on his way out. But Richard wouldn’t want to bother anyone with that.

     That’s how Richard was.

     I hope to see you Monday at the service. Richard earned it.    

Crummy Crimi

     So, I’m sitting at the counter of my favorite diner, the Quality Diner, in Wilton Manors, eating my scrambled eggs and cheese, reading the paper, minding my business.


Over my right shoulder, I catch a discussion between the waitress, Kimberly, and a diner, eating alone at a booth –

      “yea, I ran for Mayor, and got 798 votes!”, the man is chuckling with delight.

     I’m thinking – who? – what? – and sure enough …


      I spin around on the rotating bar spool and lock eyes with the chuckling  – 

                         Crimi – Gabriel Crimi 

     ….. Crimi is the shadowy candidate in last Tuesday’s Fort Lauderdale Mayoral race. The “fake” candidate put in the race to force a primary. 

     Crimi sees me and knows me as the guy who exposed his fake candidacy – “Oh no” ( he quits chuckling).

     “Can you believe it though”, he asks. “789 votes, and I wasn’t really running!”

     We chat a minute and I return to my cold eggs –  ” Now I’m thinking maybe about running next year”  – he calls after me

                          Crimi – for Mayor? …again
                                ( you couldn’t make this stuff up!)  

Pat Mayer’s Death …… Aftershocks!

     When Pat Mayers, a well known crime activist and President of a group called Citizen’s Crime Alert died last May at the age of 66, most of us that knew her were shocked at her untimely death.



     But when the organization’s Vice President, Linda Gibboney, got a hold of the organizations’ financial records, a month or so after Mayer’s death, her shock and sadness turned into “just a sick feeling – all the money [in the organization] was gone”, says Gibboney.

                           Here’s the story

The Fort Lauderdale City Commission helped start the Citizen’s Crime Alert group in 1983 to help fight crime in the City by giving it $25,000 in seed money. It developed it’s mission, “neighbors looking out for neighbors, citizens being the additional eyes and ears for the Police”.

     Sometime around 2000, Mayers became the President of the group. 

     Mayers became well known as the voice of the group, and ran the organization for some years successfully, without incident. But then, according to Mayers herself, (she confided to me) things got tough for her, financially.

      At the start of 2005, the organization had over $10,000 in it’s coffers.

     I know that Mayers was in some financial trouble in November 2005, because she called and asked me for a $1000 loan to “make her mortgage”.  I did.

     About that time, according to Gibboney, Mayers began to use the organization’s ATM card for her personal use. Gibboney says (and others back up) that no one other than Mayers had access to the funds during this period, and that none of the purchases or withdrawals were for Crime Alert Business, with the exception of the purchase of crime alert signs and bank and other standard filing fees.

      Here is a chart showing the downward trajectory of the group’s funds from 2005 on.


     The Bank of America bank records show patterns of major ATM cash withdrawals, as well as purchases with the ATM card at grocery stores, gas stations, Home Depot, Costco, even a stop at an Italian bakery for some goodies.

     The greatest amount of pilfering took place in 2009. Here is a list of all the purchases and cash withdrawals Mayers reportedly made with the group’s ATM card that year. 

     Gibboney still seems traumatized by the travesty. She told me the story last Saturday during an area anti-crime march (ironically). I was wearing an old Citizen’s Crime Alert T-Shirt, and she was walking behind me and says she couldn’t stand it anymore, had to get it off her chest.

     Gibboney told me she went to the Police after finding out about the theft, but the Police told her there was nothing they could do, as Mayers was deceased, and there was no one to prosecute.


     Gibboney also went to the Mayor to let him know about the issue.

      As for me, Mayers paid me back most of the money she borrowed from me before her death. 

     Now I’m wondering if it was Citizen Crime Alert money she paid me back with!


      * ( Cal Deal prepared all the charts and graphics for this post)

Tonight’s Victory Parties !

     Tonight ….. huge wins for 

Seiler and Rodstrom   ( 75% and 78 %, respectively&nbsp        

           …………. the pictures at the celebrations!

               former  Parks Director Tom Tapp ( with hands up!) and Barry Flannigan

                              Fire Chief Justinak and friends!

                                             John Rodstrom …. on the phone !!

                                 ……already elected Dubose and Charlotte Rodstrom  

                     Commissioner Roberts ( his election is March 13th) and Seiler

                                         Police Chief Adderley and the Judge!

                                   Dev Motwani ( new Riverfront owner) – Romala’s son!

                                           Mike  Ferber ( came in second in District II!)

                                                     Ina Lee – Beach Tourism Czar

                                  Jackie Scott – challenging Commissioner Rogers on March 13th