Election Fall Out/Fall In !

     The first election is over, and the generally expected  fall out has happened in the completed Fort Lauderdale Commission – District II race.

     But maybe the more interesting development is the unusual fall in ! –
                                      Let me explain …..

     Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom had a big win last Tuesday. She had two challengers, Mike Ferber and Lester Zalewski.

                                                   big winner

     The fall out

        Lester Zalewski

   Zalewski is a former Vice President of the Central Beach Alliance. He is currently a Board Member of the Central Beach Alliance. 

     But Zalewski angered many of his Board, when he sent out, just before election day, an e-mail from a similarly sounding new group, the Beach Alliance, endorsing Zalewski.

     Seems to me that the Beach Alliance endorsement was sent to beach residents in an effort to confuse the voter into thinking that the real Central Beach Alliance endorsed Zalewski. It didn’t work.

     Today, this message came out from the real Central Beach Alliance….

CBA Board,

Attached is the agenda for the special Board of Directors meeting.

It will be held at 6:00, this Thursday, before the regular board meeting.

It concerns the removal of a director. 

Looks like Zalewski is history.

       The fall in


There was a lot of insider talk during the campaign about Ferber being a crimi , (a put up candidate to force a primary). 

     Ferber strongly denied it.

    But today, just one week after the election, Rodstrom’s opponent in the District II race was reinstated to his former position on the Planning and Zoning Board …. appointed by ….  that’s right – Charlotte Rodstrom! 

      Maybe Rodstrom was feeling charitable…or,

      Maybe there was something to that insider talk after all.





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