Snubbin Stevey!

     Former beach President Steve Glassman is feeling downright snubbed by the Fort Lauderdale City Commission.


Glassman has been trying to volunteer his efforts on a Fort Lauderdale
advisory board, for quite awhile, but to no avail. Glassman thinks he’s being ignored for consideration due to his 2009 run for the City Commission. Glassman lost his effort to the incumbent Charlotte Rodstrom.

     So Glassman’s frustrations with his failing effort had him send the following e-mail to the Mayor (and then the Commissioners, this week).

    First, let me congratulate you on your re-election – all the best!

    Watching today’s meeting (and prior meetings), I am reminded of a
conversation you and I had at a function in South Middle River after the
2009 election. You told me to stay involved because the City needed people
like me to contribute and stay active. I said I would apply for a few of
the Advisory Boards where I felt qualified to assist.

     Subsequently over the past few years, I have witnessed openings on several
of these Boards and when my name is called by the Clerk, Charlotte typically
begins to babble some nonsense and then you say, “Let’s get some names.”

     That happened again a few minutes ago, and so I am wondering, am I
blacklisted for some reason? Having served on several Boards including P&Z
for three years, I believe that I am qualified for Board of Adjustment and
the other Boards where I have applied.

     Thanks for listening.



So far, only Commissioner Rogers has replied to Steve. Rogers says there is ” no problem from his end”.

     So whose end has the problem? …. I’ll keep you informed – 


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