A Decent Man

     Richard Mancuso

                      a decent man …. gone too soon……

                              Richard hard at work, civically, as usual!

     Richard was one of those rare human beings that earned the respect of all who met him.

     He succumbed to pancreatic cancer a week back, and will be memorialized on  
Monday, Feb. 6th at noon at St. Anthony’s.

     I last saw Richard a few weeks ago. The Mayor was holding one of his “Jog with Jack” runs, and we ran right past Richard’s house. 

     Richard was out in the parking lot, greeting those rolling past. I stopped to give him a hug, but there wasn’t much left of him to hug. I asked him how he was. He said “just fine, doin good”. He joked that his Doctor wanted him to gain some weight, that he was drinking milkshakes.

     Looking back, I suspect he knew he was on his way out. But Richard wouldn’t want to bother anyone with that.

     That’s how Richard was.

     I hope to see you Monday at the service. Richard earned it.    

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