Crummy Crimi

     So, I’m sitting at the counter of my favorite diner, the Quality Diner, in Wilton Manors, eating my scrambled eggs and cheese, reading the paper, minding my business.


Over my right shoulder, I catch a discussion between the waitress, Kimberly, and a diner, eating alone at a booth –

      “yea, I ran for Mayor, and got 798 votes!”, the man is chuckling with delight.

     I’m thinking – who? – what? – and sure enough …


      I spin around on the rotating bar spool and lock eyes with the chuckling  – 

                         Crimi – Gabriel Crimi 

     ….. Crimi is the shadowy candidate in last Tuesday’s Fort Lauderdale Mayoral race. The “fake” candidate put in the race to force a primary. 

     Crimi sees me and knows me as the guy who exposed his fake candidacy – “Oh no” ( he quits chuckling).

     “Can you believe it though”, he asks. “789 votes, and I wasn’t really running!”

     We chat a minute and I return to my cold eggs –  ” Now I’m thinking maybe about running next year”  – he calls after me

                          Crimi – for Mayor? …again
                                ( you couldn’t make this stuff up!)  

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