Tonight’s Victory Parties !

     Tonight ….. huge wins for 

Seiler and Rodstrom   ( 75% and 78 %, respectively&nbsp        

           …………. the pictures at the celebrations!

               former  Parks Director Tom Tapp ( with hands up!) and Barry Flannigan

                              Fire Chief Justinak and friends!

                                             John Rodstrom …. on the phone !!

                                 ……already elected Dubose and Charlotte Rodstrom  

                     Commissioner Roberts ( his election is March 13th) and Seiler

                                         Police Chief Adderley and the Judge!

                                   Dev Motwani ( new Riverfront owner) – Romala’s son!

                                           Mike  Ferber ( came in second in District II!)

                                                     Ina Lee – Beach Tourism Czar

                                  Jackie Scott – challenging Commissioner Rogers on March 13th

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