The Indignity!

……… The Indignity !


My wife Cindy and I spent an hour this morning, standing at the infamous 5 points intersection in Wilton Manors,  stumping for Wilton Manors Mayoral candidate Doug Blevins.



me and the candidate Doug ! 

…….  Now, going back to the title of this post, there’s certainly no indignity in stumping for Doug! ……  Blevins is an old friend or ours. Over a decade ago, Doug was President of the South Middle River neighborhood, and gets much of the credit for starting to turn that neighborhood around…. He is a real go-getter.


…… No, the indignity came from this –



Yup, see those BIG damn birds up on the wires above…. well, I was just below them and  they made a deposit right on my arm that was waving the Blevins sign!


….Now a little mea culpa – I had to think quick…I had a job to do and the bird’s offering was starting to dry-  quick… I looked behind me, thinking I needed something in a hurry to wipe this indignity off  … and there it was  …



………..  So, sorry Governor  ….. But if Crist wins tonight, I don’t have anything to worry about  ….  And if Doug does win, the first thing I’ll ask him to do? ….Do something about those overhead power  wires at 5 points!!




City Plays Hard Ball at Beach Place

We’ve been following the dope dealing escapades at the biggest entertainment venue on the beach –


beach place

………. Beach Place


If you haven’t been there in awhile,  …. here’s a refresher –

…… you can get a tasty pile of  Hooters wings, swing into Lula’s Bait Shack, get your ticket for a Duck Tour, buy a pair of crocs,

………. or,   buy a bag of pot ???




Yup   …there’s been a lot of arrests there, even one of the bartenders was arrested for selling a pound of weed to an undercover agent. And you might remember that one of the security company’s guards ( Navarro) was implicated in the sale too ! (Beach Place has since replaced Navarro).

So now, the City is playing hardball, threatening to take away the complex’s Entertainment District license.




……..  A strongly worded letter sent from City Manager Feldman to the operators at Beach Place,  says they are in default of the conditions of their license, and are in jeopardy of losing their lucrative ability to keep operating.

…. They are due to come before the City Commission on Tuesday.