The Indignity!

……… The Indignity !


My wife Cindy and I spent an hour this morning, standing at the infamous 5 points intersection in Wilton Manors,  stumping for Wilton Manors Mayoral candidate Doug Blevins.



me and the candidate Doug ! 

…….  Now, going back to the title of this post, there’s certainly no indignity in stumping for Doug! ……  Blevins is an old friend or ours. Over a decade ago, Doug was President of the South Middle River neighborhood, and gets much of the credit for starting to turn that neighborhood around…. He is a real go-getter.


…… No, the indignity came from this –



Yup, see those BIG damn birds up on the wires above…. well, I was just below them and  they made a deposit right on my arm that was waving the Blevins sign!


….Now a little mea culpa – I had to think quick…I had a job to do and the bird’s offering was starting to dry-  quick… I looked behind me, thinking I needed something in a hurry to wipe this indignity off  … and there it was  …



………..  So, sorry Governor  ….. But if Crist wins tonight, I don’t have anything to worry about  ….  And if Doug does win, the first thing I’ll ask him to do? ….Do something about those overhead power  wires at 5 points!!




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