City Plays Hard Ball at Beach Place

We’ve been following the dope dealing escapades at the biggest entertainment venue on the beach –


beach place

………. Beach Place


If you haven’t been there in awhile,  …. here’s a refresher –

…… you can get a tasty pile of  Hooters wings, swing into Lula’s Bait Shack, get your ticket for a Duck Tour, buy a pair of crocs,

………. or,   buy a bag of pot ???




Yup   …there’s been a lot of arrests there, even one of the bartenders was arrested for selling a pound of weed to an undercover agent. And you might remember that one of the security company’s guards ( Navarro) was implicated in the sale too ! (Beach Place has since replaced Navarro).

So now, the City is playing hardball, threatening to take away the complex’s Entertainment District license.




……..  A strongly worded letter sent from City Manager Feldman to the operators at Beach Place,  says they are in default of the conditions of their license, and are in jeopardy of losing their lucrative ability to keep operating.

…. They are due to come before the City Commission on Tuesday.









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  1. Back 10 months ago I was twigged to the problems Beach Place. So, on 2 consecutive weekends I did a stroll- around and spent hours chatting up Managers at different joints. Most were pretty well run, but I did get more than one ear full about where things were wayaaa out of control. Specifically I noted Fat Tuesdays (second floor, front center) was selling various size containers (two quart seemed a common size) full of slush and then juiced up with 4 or 5 alcohol shots. Vodka and rum seemed popular. Most of these youths buying, then put the containers in their backpacks. And left. I heard stories from shop owners about drug deals out in the open. One tale involved a user shooting up in the mens room and he missed the vein or something went afoul and blood was splattered all over. Then there was the robbery of a bike that had been chained to a railing, and after review of the security tape …the guy with the bolt (chain) cutters was seen to be a Navarro guard! Management was totally non-responsive to my request for a chat, and rude to boot.

    They have installed a number of security cameras with a feed to PD HQ, But hiring of guards on the weekends are limited to one, when in my view at least 2 are needed. I think a management change is needed, for starters.

  2. I believe according to the “backup”, that their attorney will be asking for a postponement until the first commission meeting in December. According to their letter, they hired off duty Fort Lauderdale Police Officers during the Boat Show, and they have required four of the businesses at Beach Place that serve alcohol, to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale Police Officers as requested by the City. They also say that they have hired a “security consultant” and they want the time to work out a complete security plan. We’ll have to see what the commission thinks of all of this, and if they are inclined to give them the delay.

    1. I saw that in the back-up. They’ve had so much time to come up with a plan and make it work. We’re now coming into prime season. These problems should have been addressed months ago. What the commission seemed to be concerned about last time was that there was no “owner” taking responsibility, that it was just one lawyer talking to another lawyer. The commission wants some one to put some “skin” in the deal. I couldn’t agree more.


  3. If I am not mistaken, Tim , 2 of their security guards have been involved in drug deals- that’s what happens when you hire the cheaper security company. The owners hail from Manhattan- I bet they don’t scrimp on security on their offices there! They need to rent to businesses there that attract a better clientele….

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