My Strange Super Bowl Bet!

     I went to school in Baltimore, (Towson State University), so of course I was routing for the Ravens!

But I didn’t have any scratch on the game until my neighbor James video-phoned me just before kick-off –

     “So you actually think your measly Ravens can beat my freakin amazing 49ers ?”, James spit mockingly.

     ” the joo-joo is with us”, I mustered!

    “Well put your money where you mouth is”, James replied.

    “Ok, what’s the deal”, I countered.

    “Tell you what”, James says, (with a curious tone) –  “If my boys win, you send a public valentine to Charlotte Rodstrom“, he cackled.

     You see, James knew that Rodstrom had not spoken to me since I endorsed her opponent, Dean Trantalis, in the upcoming (March 12th) District II Commissioner – special election, (so let’s just say Rodstrom and I  probably wouldn’t have each other on our respective valentine lists!)

     “OK,” I accepted, ….  “but if my Ravens pull it out, you send a box of delicious chocolate covered spiders to a recipient of my choosing”!

     “It’s a deal”, James barked confidently.

     I got nervous in that third quarter, even started to prepare the above Valentine just in case –  but by a whisker, I was able to put that valentine back in the file and pull out this one instead – 


     So if you get a box of yummy choco – spiders from my neighbor James next week,  you’ll know from where they really came! 

                             ….. Tim


Smartest Crimefighting Water Hits the Streets!!

     We told you about that newest space-age DNA-like crime-fighting liquid, SmartWater  ….


      ….. just last week. The invisible liquid can be swabbed on all your valuables, or squirted straight on those pesky criminals (when they are in the act of being criminals), and then we can catch them quicker, and put them where they belong – 


     ……   SmartWater was handed out today in the neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale that has had the most crime for years … 

                          South Middle River. 


     Last year, South Middle River had 451 crimes, and, for comparison, the neighborhood where the City Manager lives, had 3.

Today was an important day, and here are a few pics to prove it!


     Five hundred vials of the liquid were handed out free of charge to the homeowners in the neighborhood.


     Lorraine Saunders brought her mother, and they both got the kit!


     Neighborhood leaders, including President Sal Gatanio, worked the tables and were all smiles about the new program.


     You could tell it was an important day by the slew of big-shots who attended – on a Saturday!

      Both City Commissioner candidates, Rodstrom and Trantalis – of course were there …

     And pictured above (from left) … former Attorney General Bob Butterworth, President Sal, and crime dummy (being black-lighted), by….  

                           Mayor Jack Seiler!


Short Life of the Red Monkey

      The underground, super-late night, illegal nightclub-
           – the Red Monkey Social Club, only lived for one hour!


     I had been given a tip, that the off-beat club was set to open last Sunday morning at 3 am ( yes, that’s 3 in the morning!), in a warehouse off Dixie Highway in Fort Lauderdale.

     The info on the internet about the club was quite cryptic. No address –  just a Facebook entry that redirected you here, then there. An e-mail would be sent to you with the particulars if you were willing to pay the $40 fee to PARTIEEEE!

     I called the P.D., it didn’t seem quite right! …. People should be sleeping after 3 am !



     Apparently, Red Monkey clubs show up in Cities around the globe, and Fort Lauderdale was to be the latest.

     It was set to open in a nice warehouse complex built by city kingpin Barry Flanigan.


Flanigan, who still owns the non-descript warehouse next door to the intended club, was dumbfounded. He says he was told they were fixing up the warehouse for “a birthday party” for the owners son.
     The Cops were waiting Sunday morning for the Clubs’ debut ! – 
     Here’s how the Public Record described it …

     Sgt.Nick Coffin and his crew responded out to the Red Monkey Social Club and observed a clear violation at 1200 NE 7 Ave # 2. There were over 40 persons in attendance and more people were coming at the time of shut down. The modern/new warehouse located here was set up as a small club with the below features:

· DJ booth w/DJ
· Full Bar w bartender
· Hookah type smoking pipes
· Couches, chairs, and an upstairs loft type dance floor
· Full compliment of alcohol, beer, and water

     The entrance was to the rear of the warehouse with a doorman/security. You had to provide ID and a cell number along with paying the $40.00 dollar entrance fee to gain entrance. It did appear that most of the patrons were other bartenders and employees from other clubs, half of which arrived and left by cab. ……… 

     One of the owners of the Sand bar on the beach (Charles O’Flaherty) was cited for selling alcohol w/o a license by Det. Spodnick who responded after the violation was observed. We also confiscated the alcohol and took photos of the entire set-up. Det. Spodnick does not believe this will be an ongoing issue after tonight, after speaking with the owner. The bar was shut down shortly after 4 AM. 

Kudos to the P.D. for a job well done!





Red Monkey Takes Fort Lauderdale