My Strange Super Bowl Bet!

     I went to school in Baltimore, (Towson State University), so of course I was routing for the Ravens!

But I didn’t have any scratch on the game until my neighbor James video-phoned me just before kick-off –

     “So you actually think your measly Ravens can beat my freakin amazing 49ers ?”, James spit mockingly.

     ” the joo-joo is with us”, I mustered!

    “Well put your money where you mouth is”, James replied.

    “Ok, what’s the deal”, I countered.

    “Tell you what”, James says, (with a curious tone) –  “If my boys win, you send a public valentine to Charlotte Rodstrom“, he cackled.

     You see, James knew that Rodstrom had not spoken to me since I endorsed her opponent, Dean Trantalis, in the upcoming (March 12th) District II Commissioner – special election, (so let’s just say Rodstrom and I  probably wouldn’t have each other on our respective valentine lists!)

     “OK,” I accepted, ….  “but if my Ravens pull it out, you send a box of delicious chocolate covered spiders to a recipient of my choosing”!

     “It’s a deal”, James barked confidently.

     I got nervous in that third quarter, even started to prepare the above Valentine just in case –  but by a whisker, I was able to put that valentine back in the file and pull out this one instead – 


     So if you get a box of yummy choco – spiders from my neighbor James next week,  you’ll know from where they really came! 

                             ….. Tim


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