Smartest Crimefighting Water Hits the Streets!!

     We told you about that newest space-age DNA-like crime-fighting liquid, SmartWater  ….


      ….. just last week. The invisible liquid can be swabbed on all your valuables, or squirted straight on those pesky criminals (when they are in the act of being criminals), and then we can catch them quicker, and put them where they belong – 


     ……   SmartWater was handed out today in the neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale that has had the most crime for years … 

                          South Middle River. 


     Last year, South Middle River had 451 crimes, and, for comparison, the neighborhood where the City Manager lives, had 3.

Today was an important day, and here are a few pics to prove it!


     Five hundred vials of the liquid were handed out free of charge to the homeowners in the neighborhood.


     Lorraine Saunders brought her mother, and they both got the kit!


     Neighborhood leaders, including President Sal Gatanio, worked the tables and were all smiles about the new program.


     You could tell it was an important day by the slew of big-shots who attended – on a Saturday!

      Both City Commissioner candidates, Rodstrom and Trantalis – of course were there …

     And pictured above (from left) … former Attorney General Bob Butterworth, President Sal, and crime dummy (being black-lighted), by….  

                           Mayor Jack Seiler!


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