Foul-Up ….. Fall-Out…… Update !

       This is the first update on our last discussion – Dissed Dean.


       Trantalis attempted to replace his appointment to the City’s Planning and Zoning Board, Bradford Cohen, with beach and historic preservation activist Steve Glassman, but was prevented on doing it by his colleagues on the City Commission. They instead chose to keep Cohen on the Board.


       Trantalis felt disrespected, and asked for clarification from the City Attorney on the advisory board rules.

        This led to an e-mail this week from City Clerk Jonda Joseph, declaring that there were 25 Advisory Board members that had served past the stated term limits for their appointment, and would have to step down.

        This list includes many of our leading citizens, including ….

  Genia Ellis, who will leave the Citizen’s Board of Recognition, but already is slated to be appointed to the Planning and Zoning Board ….

    Diana Centorino, who will have to step down from the Board of Adjustment ( I appointed her to the Planning and Zoning Board back in 1997)…… and

                        Barry Flanigan, who has been serving on the Marine Advisory Board far past his stated term limit.

         Other big names that have to now step down from their advisory board positions include Patrick Mctigue, Thorney Jarrett, Betty Shelley,  Ella Phillips, and Pat Hale.

        Trantalis is still waiting for his clarification on the law of advisory board appointments, and there is certain to be talk of this whole SNAFU at the next City Commission meeting.

       Trantalis says of the hullabaloo – “all under the name of crony politics”.

       There is more news coming down, but as the old saying goes ” if I told you, I’d have to kill you”, and there’s too damn many of you ! ….

                        Stay Tuned  ……  Tim