Foul-Up ….. Fall-Out…… Update !

       This is the first update on our last discussion – Dissed Dean.


       Trantalis attempted to replace his appointment to the City’s Planning and Zoning Board, Bradford Cohen, with beach and historic preservation activist Steve Glassman, but was prevented on doing it by his colleagues on the City Commission. They instead chose to keep Cohen on the Board.


       Trantalis felt disrespected, and asked for clarification from the City Attorney on the advisory board rules.

        This led to an e-mail this week from City Clerk Jonda Joseph, declaring that there were 25 Advisory Board members that had served past the stated term limits for their appointment, and would have to step down.

        This list includes many of our leading citizens, including ….

  Genia Ellis, who will leave the Citizen’s Board of Recognition, but already is slated to be appointed to the Planning and Zoning Board ….

    Diana Centorino, who will have to step down from the Board of Adjustment ( I appointed her to the Planning and Zoning Board back in 1997)…… and

                        Barry Flanigan, who has been serving on the Marine Advisory Board far past his stated term limit.

         Other big names that have to now step down from their advisory board positions include Patrick Mctigue, Thorney Jarrett, Betty Shelley,  Ella Phillips, and Pat Hale.

        Trantalis is still waiting for his clarification on the law of advisory board appointments, and there is certain to be talk of this whole SNAFU at the next City Commission meeting.

       Trantalis says of the hullabaloo – “all under the name of crony politics”.

       There is more news coming down, but as the old saying goes ” if I told you, I’d have to kill you”, and there’s too damn many of you ! ….

                        Stay Tuned  ……  Tim


38 Replies to “Foul-Up ….. Fall-Out…… Update !”

  1. say it isn’t so wrote:
    Romney Rogers is appointing Genia Ellis, Director of Riverwalk, to P&Z Board on Tuesday. How can this be? Isn’t it a conflict when an agency that does so much business and partners with the City and other public and private agencies has its director on the Planning and Zoning Board? Only in Fort Lauderdale.
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    5/31/2014 7:26 AM clarification please wrote:
    Isn’t Riverwalk owned by the City? Is she a city employee? Talk about tired blood and re-treads appointed to these boards. Geez.
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    5/31/2014 6:27 PM Just Watching wrote:
    good question..hmmm. Can’t even accept a bottle of water from anyone who has a contract with the city, so at least for appearances, this should be examined. No reflection on Ms. Ellis.. but it’s the same people over and over again serving on city boards and committees. In a city of 170K, surely there are others who can serve?

  2. attorneys break the rules all the time

    maus was appointed to p&z June 2005.
    Two 3 year terms?

    she finally stepped down jan 2012.

  3. Rumors flying around here that County Inspector General is investigating this entire matter.

  4. All of those people have been around forever. How can the mayor’s appointment on P&Z, Patrick McTigue, also be serving on another Board? Isn’t that prohibited for P&Z members? And why does his term expire in 2016 – eight years after first appointment when the limit is 6 years?

  5. “crony poltics” states comm.Trantalis Huh? Look who’s talking. First of all I predict here from my office(2by4 cubickle at Fedex)that oh lets say shortly before the next comm. election(feb15) that Dino here gets indicted by the State next Richard Smith for voter fraud-(19 votes Dean?)and that Gov. suspends Dean from office,.. Dean calls foul because he’s gay(come on) and the Comm. appoints you Tim Smith to that seat-(watch). Lets not forget the fifty yr. old boy toy Smith here joins Dean(maybe “his,his” matching sinks in the “big house”. Maybe they both can bunk w/ Spfld, Mass snitch himself Anthony arillotta up in Danbury, Conn(your from Conn. Dean maybe your 91yr.old mother can bring you baked cookies w/ a nail filer in them for your great escape.) As far as the advisory app. did you here the news Tim? Ft.lauderdale own Charlie King who is negioatating w/ the Stearlings to by the LA Clippers and its new name will be the “LA Wasps) (“white anglo-saxon pests” Don’t worry Charlie Comm.Roberts and I will be @ every game). Anyhow Charlie here wants to be appointed to the Citizens police advisory Bd. Just like Ft.Lau is going to get a foot of snow tonite(huh Jack). As far as Jonda Joseph entangled in this mess I hardly believe that she discovered this 25 members that have to take a walk. Who tipped her off is the real question? As far as Genia ellis getting an appointmnet to the P’Z. This is also causing heart burn w/ some of you. Courney Crush work your magic and stick up for her @ that Tuesday Conference becuse there might be rebuttal. I think we covered all bases Tim. Lastly to Scott “scooter” wyman(Dean’ comm. ast) I think they are looking for city/county reporters in Alaska(who butters your bread?????…)

  6. are we a 3 world banana republic or what. can we get some profession going here? I may not be a brain surgeon, but I know when the whole idea is cruppled.

  7. What all these contradictions in board terms, policies, past practices, etc. prove is that Trantalis was correct in his assertions. His colleagues clearly blocked him from making HIS appointment based on their dislike of him. There is no other explanation for all of this BS and foul-ups. Clearly, the mayor’s present appointmnet on P&Z is sthere for so long because they counted his first term as filling the remainder of a previous term before starting his own two three-year terms so the mayor now stating that Cohen should have had his own three-year term when filling Maus’ term is more BS. The terms have always run with the seats, not the persons in those seats. Yes, the OIG needs to be involved. Trantalis was screwed.

  8. Did you and “shitty activist” Robert Walsh have the same English and typing teachers?

  9. Didn’t Ellis step down from a City Board when appointed to head Riverwalk stating that it was a conflict of interest? She should not be appointed to the P&Z Board. To close to the line and not worth the trouble. Find someone else from the 1.7 million residents not connected to the City’s business.

  10. one board at a time and one committee at a time
    fire bond is a blue ribbon committee

    mctigue was term limited on p&z may 2013

    his family connections to the Las Olas Company should require him to abstain on any and all votes related to that

  11. Tom Welch was appointed to P&Z November 2006.

    He served his six years as of October 2012.
    Its June 2014?

    WHY is Tom Welch still on Planning and Zoning?

  12. mctigue was appointed june 2007
    seven years as of last month

    he knows he is breaking the rules

  13. Now that, contrary to the city ordinances and resolution appointing him, the Mayor and Commission have made an absolute exception for Cohen and allowed him to remain for another year on P&Z – who is going to enforce the “must step down” ruling of the City Clerk regarding the 25 other Board members? Or is the mayor going to make an exception for all of them as he did with Cohen? Rules, ordinances, resolutions, charter – be damned!

  14. Tim, in your last post you printed the letter that Trantalis sent to the City Attorney asking many questions of her and seeking written opinions. Did she ever respond to him?

  15. As a result of this debacle, they made him step down after this month’s meeting. Romney Rogers is appointing Genia Ellis to take that seat this Tuesday.

  16. Then why is the mayor being a hypocrite and letting him stay on so long? If the mayor had a pair, he would enforce the rules, have Mctigue step down, and appoint Glassman to that seat.

  17. Is that the same OIG that condemned the mayor, the city manager, and the commission (except Trantalis)for the mess at the Swimming Hall of Fame and ruled that they acted illegally? What were the ramifications of that ruling? Nothing.

  18. Here’s what I would have done, if I were King. (The Ned Stark kind of King, not the Joffrey kind of King). I first, would have followed the rule of the land, which was my resolution. That would have put the new guy in and the old guy off P&Z. Then, I would have called a moratorium on all upcoming board appointments until the situation could be fully understood. This would have taken the pressure off of – I WANT AN ANSWER RIGHT NOW!. Instead, we could see what had been common practice, what was the best administrative and least disruptive solution. Maybe one that could be grandfathered in and result moving forward such as efficient staggered terms. Then, I would have privately written to the appointees and apprised them of the situation, rather than being forced to list their names as if they in some way were evil doers. More than likely, most folks probably thought they were just doing extra civic duty, not trying to avoid a most wanted list. It sounds like there are multiple areas that need to be reviewed – residency, qualifications, serving on concurrent boards and more But If all else failed, I would use my dragons……

  19. What a breath of fresh air and makes perfect sense. But then, that all would have required no hidden agendas, no politics, and just plain decency. When did you EVER see this commission decide something so complicated so fast? My God, for months they have been debating whether to have the policy of including the words “Staff Recommends” on a Board of Adjustment case and that Board has been waiting for an answer for ever.

  20. Nonsense.
    That kind of solution is EXACTLY the problem. Complete disregard for the rule of law. Three are attorneys. They know better. Same with the appointees who are ATTORNEYS.

    We have a City Charter.
    No different than a County Charter, and A State Statute.

    Stop making it up as they go along.

  21. I have been active in my community for decades now, and have served on a board for the City, so I see this issue from both sides.
    In order to be effective on a board, one must be able to serve consecutive terms in order to gain knowledge through experience dealing with different scenarios that come before them.
    On the flip side however, if someone has served way too long, there is bias,and different point of views are not introduced, precluding alot of innovative ideas, etc to further enhance the City- i.e, the P&Z board, and citizens that deserve to be recognized by the Citizen”s Recognition board that will never be considered.
    If the same people sit on these boards for far too long, only favorites of these individuals, and their pet projects are promoted.
    Change is good,and it gives others an opportunity to make a difference……….

  22. Earl Rynerson, Charlie King, and Laura Cresanko want to be on the Hurray for ME and F#**K you board

  23. Friday afternoon, City Clerk sends out a corrected email about term limits:
    From: Jonda Joseph
    Sent: Friday, May 30, 2014 4:32 PM
    To: Bobby B. DuBose; Bruce G. Roberts; Dean Trantalis; Jack Seiler; Laura – Mayor’s Assistant; Maxine Singh; MJ Matthews; Robbi Uptegrove; Romney Rogers; Safeea Ali; Scott Wyman; Tracy Roach
    Cc: Arleen Gross; Jeff Modarelli; Aixa Penedo; Alexandria Woolweaver; Carla Foster; Cynthia Everett; Donna Varisco; John Herbst; Katerina Skoundridakis; Lee Feldman; Maureen Richards; Stanley Hawthorne; Susanne Torriente

    Mayor, Vice Mayor and Commissioners,

    The following individuals should be added to the step down from service list:
    Fanci Bindler – Community Appearance – Commissioner Roberts Ayisha Gordon – Community Appearance – Commissioner DuBose Linda Iverson – Aviation – Vice Mayor Rogers —– will not be term-limited until the end of June
    Ted Fling – Citizens Police Review – Commissioner Trantalis – eligible for reappointment Fred Nesbitt – Fire Rescue – Commissioner Roberts – eligible for reappointment

    The Mayor writes to City Clerk and others today – Sunday:
    I was very frustrated at the last meeting with the issues that arose involving board and committee service. As a City Commission, we need to be fair, transparent, and consistent in our handling of board and committee appointments, service, terms, term limits, etc.
    In conjunction with our City Attorney, please be sure that our rules, resolutions, ordinances, codes, charter, etc. are all consistent and coordinated. If we have any unwritten practices, policies or procedures that we have traditionally followed that are not consistent with the specific language of our rules, resolutions, ordinances, codes, charter, etc., please let us know. If we need to “clean up”, update, or rewrite any rules, resolutions, ordinances, codes, charter, etc., please let us know.

    If we need to convene the Charter Review Board to address these issues, please let us know.
    The bottom line is that, regardless of the individuals involved, we need to have a process and procedure that is fair, transparent and consistent.
    John P. “Jack” Seiler
    City of Fort Lauderdale

    Gotta love this guy – he creates the mess and will make the City Clerk the scapegoat – watch her get fired.

  24. and the 10 per centers will re-elect him and his sitting cronies come March 2015
    as they continue to srew over the apathetic 90%

  25. Looks like Abby and Anonymous are saying the same thing. The rule of law would dictate that the Commission should have followed the two-year old resolution that the Mayor signed. That resolution is the binding written City record. Trantalis was following what the clerk and attorney laid out as an expired term, the resolution confirmed it, and he should have been permitted to make his appointment. Any departure from that scenario should have been studied, researched, and come back to the Commission at a later time when everything was sorted out. This was politics – plain, simple, and dirty. Shame on the mayor, commissioners, attorney, and clerk for not speaking up.

  26. The champion of serving beyond the code’s term limits on P&Z was Maria Freeman – a developer who now serves on other Boards. Someone check the record. Was she there for more than 10 years?
    Which begs the question: Do the votes of all these people who violated the code stand up? Do we have to go back and nullify all of the votes of people who should not have been serving when they voted?! Any close votes on cases that were impacted by this?

  27. Term limits should always be honored and thanks given to those willing to serve. Engagement of more in the community makes for a greater city. All I see above is finger pointing and sour grapes. Those that have served give their time and should not be maligned because the Commission and City Clerk didn’t follow the rules. For those that have served to a term limit on a single board once….pick something else.

  28. I wonder if Dean knows he is stirring the delicate pot by
    the mere utterance of  Glassman’s name.
    Instead of tendering care for the Fort Lauderdale citizens Dean is here to represent he instead has wasted a lot of our time. What a pity.

  29. So the Clerk sends an email stating that 25+ folks must step down. Is that worth the paper it was written on (nothing before this was)? One should assume that Bradford Cohen was sent a letter from the City thanking him for his service and instructing him that his term was up and he was not being reappointed. Will these 25+ be getting the same letter or will they continue to be mailed their agendas, show up at the meeting, and participate like nothing ever happened? Who is the enforcer?

  30. This states the obvious truth and the answer is get politically active run for office, vote for the other, not the best of the worst. Be politically honest to yourself, family and friends.

  31. The time everyone has put into Dean’s diss is a tragic waste. Pure friction. Do you think Dean might have had an inkling he was opening a Pandora’s box full of side show distractions.

  32. correct

    she is on housing authority but lucky for those on the dais there are NO term limits

    but they serve at the whim of the mayor

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