You’ll Like This Story !

     This is a story about a truck the Cops call the



     It’s the newest addition to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department’s fleet, and it’s awesome for a number of reasons!

     First, it is indestructible. The tires can’t be flattened, the windows can’t be broken out, the doors can’t be forced open.

     And it is a rolling video machine!


     The truck has inside mounted cameras on three sides that roll non-stop. They can shoot 700 hours of video, so if you have a problem area, it just sits there and does the surveillance work for you. 

     But the very best thing about it ??

     It costs – ready for this?


     Police Chief Frank Adderley says all the credit for getting the vehicle ( and the cost) goes to City Manager Lee Feldman. Apparently, a big shot at Brinks used to work for Feldman. This truck ( and another one also on the way to the City) was slated to go to Miami, but when the Brinks people heard Feldman in Fort Lauderdale was asking for one – they sent us two !

     The Peacemaker is in District III today, off Sistrunk Blvd., on a street that had a rash of ten burglaries in just two months.

     The people on the street are thrilled.


     These neighbors told me there hasn’t been any problems since the Peacemaker came to town, and they hope it stays.

     The only thing the wife was upset about ?

     “You gonna take my picture with my hair looking like this?”


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