They’re Mad as Hell, and they’re ………

      The Fort Lauderdale residents of NW 5th Court, just south of Sistrunk Boulevard,  are mad as hell, and if they have anything to say about it, they’re 

                              not going to take it anymore!

     They’ve had 10 burglaries, just on their block, in the last month. Some of the residents say they won’t leave their houses, practically sleeping with their valuables!

     Today, they assembled to protest the conditions, to speak as a group, and  have a fish fry !
     The fish fry was not the odd part of the protest, the unusual part of the protest was the invitation list. 

      Here’s who came!

     Lots of Cops!

     The idea was to bring together the residents and the Police, to join forces, so to speak.

     The Chief and the neighborhood leaders addressed the group.

     They prayed.
     They kumbaya’d!

     The City Manager attended the fry to show support
             (while also supporting the Marlins!)


     Let’s hope it all works.

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