Root Canal Gone Bad!

      I know this sounds like a bad, B –  horror movie, but it’s actually non-fiction – mine!
      And I also know that it has absolutely nothing to do with Fort Lauderdale Politics, so I’ll be brief.

     Do you want to know when’s the worse possible time for one of those old, used up molars to go bad? 

                  ……… Christmas Day !


     I couldn’t find a dentist working, even the day after Christmas, and I was getting desperate. My brilliant wife had an idea as I poured over the internet listings, calling and calling, and getting nowhere – “call one with a Jewish name”. 

     Sure enough, Dr. Wiener would see me, but only if I could get there by noon. 

     It was a bad case, he explained, but he thought he could save the tooth. I wanted him to kill the tooth!

     Anyhow, to make a long, painful story short, he couldn’t save it after all, and today ( weeks later), I found myself staring up at the bright white light in the Extraction Specialist’s chair ( is it safe?)


     When the Doc left the room, I glanced up at the torture tools!


     Then, the young, very capable, Egyptian born dentist flew into the room, and in a matter of minutes ( that seemed much longer), the deed was done –  Mr. Badtooth was no more!

                                                        … the culprit       

     I just got home and the wife asked if there was any pain?    I handed her this!


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