First Debate….. Sort Of

     There are five debates scheduled where you will be able to see the candidates for the next Fort Lauderdale City Commission, over the next few weeks.

     I’ll give you those dates in a minute, but first, let me share with you the details of the first debate that occurred (sort of), last night, at the Imperial Point Medical Center.

     The debate was sponsored by the Imperial Point neighborhood, which is run by maybe the best, long term volunteer in the City – Betty Shelley.

The crowd turn-out was substantial.


     The candidate turn-out was not.

                                    multiple missing chairs

     Only one of the three Mayoral candidates showed up, which made it tricky during the rebuttal phase!

     Apparently, Earl Rynerson sent out an e-mail ( I haven’t seen it) saying not to expect him. No one expected Gabriel Crimi, as we’ve learned that he has been a sham candidate from the start.

     In the District I Commission race ( the debate was just for Mayor and District I candidates), both candidates, the incumbent Roberts, and challenger Mary Graham were both there, which made the rebuttal phase run much smoother!

                                          rebuttler Mary Graham

     No news was made during the debate, though Graham revealed her slow growth tendencies, and Seiler gave me a headache with his thorough recitations on budget, pension, and tax informations –  ad nauseam!

     Here are your next opportunities to see the candidates

     January 20th – Downtown Council- at Doubletree on Sunrise (11:30 – $40!)

     January 24th – Council of Neighborhoods – City Hall ( 7:00 pm – free)

     January 24th – Tower Club – ( 8 a.m. – $45!)


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