Who’s Who In District Two Race?

     So we now know that Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom is re-running for her seat she is vacating on November 19.

     ( … in case you are confused, Rodstrom won the City Commission seat in Jan. ….announced she was resigning a few weeks later, effective November 19th …..  then ran and lost the County election … then announced a week later that she was running again for her old seat that she would be vacated from in a few months….)

Phew !! 

who will Charlotte Rodstrom be running against?

Today we highlight   …. candidate Chuck Black


     Chuck Black is currently the President of the Lakeridge neighborhood. Prior to coming to Fort Lauderdale, Black was in the Navy, 20 years. then was in the Yacht business in Annapolis Md.

     Since coming to Fort Lauderdale, Black has been very busy. He owns a sign company, and volunteers profusely. He works especially hard on Navy League projects, serves on the Riverwalk Trust Board, the Children’s Theater Board, the L.A. Lee YMCA Board, the TMA Advisory Board  … you get the picture!

     The rap on Black, so far, are his political affiliations. Black, a Republican, says he is a moderate, and that National politics don’t belong in a City election.

     Black admits a “personal friendship” with Congressman Allen West, and that he is enlisting West’s help to name a Navy ship – Fort Lauderdale. Black then adds that he “disagrees with a lot of West’s politics  … but counters that he doesn’t agree with a lot of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s either…


    Black concedes that some City issues overlap with national ones – like Domestic partnership benefits, and says that he supports Domestic Partnership benefits at the City level.

      We’ll highlight the other candidates next!


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