Chuck Black’s Campaign Kick-off

     While we’re still talking about Fort Lauderdale District II City Commission candidate Chuck Black, here’s a little bit interesting about his campaign kick-off earlier this week.


     Black’s kick-off was somewhat sparsely attended, but did have some powerhouses in the room.


     The head of the Police Union, Jack Lokinsky was there, as was a big shot with the Fire Department. Those two unions can bring big support to political candidates, and are popular in District II!

     Genia Ellis, former head of the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations, currently the Director of the Riverwalk attended. Also, Chris Wren, Director of the Downtown Development Authority, and retired City event Director Sue Molnar.

     Also, two big names from the beach, Chuck Malkus and Ina Lee, long time beach activist and editor of Travel Host magazine (pictured below in some sort of spiritual pose!)


      Next, we will discuss candidate Dean Trantalis (lots to discuss there!)


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