Charlotte Shocker …. Dead Last!

     So much for conventional wisdom! 

The pundits clearly expected Charlotte Rodstrom to win yesterday’s race for the District 7 County Commission seat, currently held by her husband, John, but instead, she came in dead last.

                                           Yesterdays’ Power Couple?

     Now, it will be up to the same pundits to wax why!
                Here’s a few thoughts!

     A main reason is probably that the voters are just finished with the Rodstrom dynasty. 

    * Add to that -Charlotte’s running for City Commission and announcing two weeks later that she was leaving  to run for the County seat.
    *Add to that – husband John trying to get rid of term limits, so he wouldn’t have to leave the seat in the first place
   *. Add to that – the suspected Rodstrom effort to let Republicans vote in yesterday’s Democratic primary!
   * Add to that – the winner


      Tim Ryan – 

     Former State Representative Ryan clearly earned the win, running hard, knocking doors, determined to win.

                   Here’s how it came out

                     Tim Ryan -3385
                     Ken Keechl – 2736
                    Charltotte Rodstrom – 2436

     Now the burning question – will Rodstrom run to gain back her City Commission seat?  Rodstrom could not be reached this morning, but I’ll try and track her down later today!

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