Where’s Waldo?


     But it’s not really Waldo we’re looking for …..

     What am I talking about ? …. well, it’s what you have been asking for all week ! …. where’s the real incoming Fort Lauderdale City Manager Allyson Love’s picture ????

      I informed you last week about the impending end of Fort Lauderdale City Manager George Gretsas’s employ, and the choice for his replacement, long time public servant Allyson Love. I couldn’t find a picture of Allyson anywhere , so I used a stand-in picture of some stranger until I could reach Love, (she was out of town on vacation in an undisclosed location  – the Appalachian Trail again? , and couldn’t be reached) .

     While I was waiting, I received the following picture from a reader who thought he had a picture of Allyson !

She’s Love?    ……. No, she’s NOT !

     Nice try though reader ….. I think that’s the back of the head of Miriam Oliphant !

     Anyhow, there’s good news….. I heard from Allyson this morning …. She’s back in town, back at work, prepping for her new important ( though reportedly short term) job as City Manager.

      She says she’ll send me her real pic when she gets a minute !!!! 

                  Stay tuned  ….. Tim

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