No Drama Love

     Interim Fort Lauderdale City Manager Allyson Love. Got a nice ring to it! Don’t you think?

     At 3:18 a.m. Thursday morning, ( yes, that’s the middle of the night) the Fort Lauderdale City Commission  identified current Assistant City Manager Allyson love as the new City Manager that will take the baton from George Gretsas on the last day of his employ – July 31st.

                                                    Gretsas photo as new City Manager – 2003
     If you read this blog, ( or any political blog for that matter!) you know the controversies and consternation of Gretsas’s final year as Manager, so I’m not going over any of that.     

     Today is Love’s day. And I rightfully describe her as No Drama Love.  From all I can tell, she’s all business, scandal free, and from what I can tell, has no detractors. She’s stayed mostly under the radar for those decades, head down, and has earned the respect of her fellow workers. 

     It was really a bright move by the City Commission to choose her. They needed a smooth transition, no fireworks, and they’ll get that with Love. The Commission did indicate that her’s might be a short term, and another interim might actually take over before a permanent Manager is found, but  for now, she’s the cat!

     Allyson Love has spent more than 20 years working for the City of Fort Lauderdale, most all of that time in the mind numbing areas of City Finance. Her promotion to Assistant City Manager only happened in January of 2009. She started to gain attention in 1999, when she identified widespread problems with the City’s HOPWA (Housing of persons with Aids) monies, and furthered those budget sleuthing creds by uncovering “irregularities” with the City’s vendor programs in 2005.

          This is not a picture of Allyson. She’s been so no-drama, I couldn’t find a picture of her anywhere! But she does look something like this !

     During the fiscal upheaval of 2003-2005 in the City, Love was quoted as saying, “I haven’t seen my daughter much, when I get home, she’s usually in bed”. Now that she’s taking the top spot, she might not see her daughter even that much! 

                                             Good Luck Love !

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